diamondearrings.org review and giveaway

We at the Loonyverse are divas. There's no denying it. And fantastic, beautiful, well-dressed divas we are (and humble, too!). What do divas like?

That's right. We like shiny things.

We received a pair of simulated diamond earrings from diamondearrings.org to review. The simple studs are good for pretty much any situation--I can wear them to school, work, out with friends, on a date. I could, if I were feeling nice, share them with my sisters or the fabulous mommy who snagged this review (aka the DDDiva). But I won't.

In all seriousness, they're really pretty earrings that add just a touch of sparkle. And you can get some yourself for free.

Soon you will be able to get the genuine article on the site, but for now,  anyone can get a pair of free* earrings by heading on over to  http://www.diamondearrings.org/ and doing the following:
Select your earrings
Mention the website anywhere on the web- twitter, fb, etc
Pay $3.77 postage and handling
They will be shipped anywhere in the US.

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