Affirmations: Peace

Affirmations work when we can FEEL the feelings we want to attract.  Vibrate the feeling of peace as you say or write your chosen affirmations and you HAVE to experience them in your reality.

I accept the blessed, peaceful, and joyous flow of abundant divine, living love.

I allow all that I desire without the drama.

I know there is no reason to stress- it's all good.

I relax into well-being.

I calmly accept all the good life has to offer me.

My mind and heart are at peace with where I am.

I radiate love, joy and peace.

I am able to shut the inner demons off at will and immediately feel peaceful.

It is safe for me to manifest my dreams Here and Now!

I already have everything I need.

I can remain calm regardless of what is going on around me.

It's easy for me to step away from negativity.

What is going on outside of me can't affect me unless I allow it.

I alone create my reality and that feels GREAT!  Ahh, blessed relief.
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