Affirmations: Joy and happiness

 Affirmations work when we can FEEL the feelings we want to attract.  Vibrate the feelings of joy and happiness (as defined by YOU) as you say or write your chosen affirmations and you HAVE to experience them in your reality.

My joy and happiness are strong money magnets

As I let go of dissatisfaction I feel happiness in my life.

I am joyous and happy and free

I am happy and I feel happy, NOW and always, increasingly, dramatically!!

I am living a life of riches, of joy, of health, of adventure and of unbridled happiness.
Each day brings wonderful new surprises!

Happiness surrounds me like a soft, fluffy cloud.

I look for and utilise the unlimited ways in which to enhance my day.
I can choose happiness whenever I wish no matter what my circumstances

I can have all the happiness in the world without sacrificing anything

My life ROCKS!!!

I create my own happiness and I expect my life to overflow with it.

Today I will add up my joys and never count my sorrows. I will revel in my happy memories.

I choose to experience Happiness today.

I don't need to try to be happy. I AM HAPPY!

Happiness enters my life everyday.

I love being joyful and sharing that joy with others.

The joyful way is always the right choice for me.

 I radiate joy, happiness and life through the inner spirit that dwells within.

My life is so filled with magical moments.

All the happiness you want permanently flows into your life now. Divine happiness is yours for all time.

I gleefully greet each and every thing I meet in life with joy and reverence, allowing life to be exactly as it is. I am one with All That Is.

I choose to live this day to the fullest and cultivate my garden of happiness within. I remind myself that I have choices. I make good, sound choices.

I now fill my mind only with positive thoughts of faith, hope, and optimism.

As I work to bring happiness to the lives of others, I discover it for myself.

I am a radiant being, enjoying life to the fullest!

I treasure each moment of every day as a gem to be shared and enjoyed.

My life gets more fabulous and amazing every day!
I take great pleasure in everything I do.
I am letting happiness manifest in my life.
I am lively, joyful, exuberant and full of bliss.

Each day, I feel more amazing and happy.

My happiness dwells inside me and I radiate it constantly.

My happiness continually brings me more happiness.

I am happy and up beat.

I'm having the time of my life.

I make the decision to be happy, so I am.

I allow happiness to fill my days.

I speak kind words with everyone and spread happiness wherever I go.
I AM happy, joyous and free.
I'm wonderful today!

I love, respect and approve of myself. I am happy and I know that true happiness comes from within.
I am happy, healthy with a life full of love
I am growing younger and more radiant with beauty, vibrant health, happiness and love.
I have a happy soul.
I am passionate and enthusiastic about everything.
I am in a great mood,the day is full of wondrous possibilities.
My future is bright.

I choose to experience joy today.

I radiate health, wealth, happiness.

In this very present moment I am very happy and satisfied.

I am happy to and able to find the positive in any situation.

My life is filled with awesome beauty, and awesome joy.

I am in love with my own life.

I look for the good, and I find it.

I create my own life with positivity, abundance and love.

I am truly happy in all aspects of my life.

Every part of my life brings me complete happiness.

Laughter and happiness come easily and naturally to me.

I love my life - and joy is my reward.

I am experiencing joy at the highest vibration every second of my life.

I am happier today than I every have been.

Everyday I wake up with a smile on my face.

I radiate love and happiness.

Every atom of my being is resonating with joy and happiness now.

I radiate love and happiness.

Health, wealth and happiness are naturally flowing to me and through me into others.
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