Abraham-Hicks Quotes: Health and well being.

See yourself in perfect health, and if you will do it right before you sleep, then there will be many hours where you will be unconscious, where you will not be doing any miscreating to counteract that.

So many people are convinced that their physical bodies are in a state- once you reach a certain stage of life-  of steady decline. It is amazing the amount of expectation that is wrapped around that. And it is absolutely opposite of what you've intended, of what your cells know how to do- and of what Source Energy is supplying.
You do not need to decline. It is only your negative expectation -- or your worrying about this and that, and the other -- that pinches off the Energy. You don't decline because your body wears out. You decline because you disallow more of the resources that keep you feeling good. That's all. Every single time. There are no exceptions to that.

Next time you feel any discomfort… stop in the middle of it and say to yourself, “This discomfort that I’m feeling is nothing more than my own awareness of resistance. Time for me to relax and breathe. Relax and breathe. Relax and breathe.” And you can, in seconds, bring yourself back into comfort.

We want to make 3 powerful statements to you, and if these are the only 3 things you ever hear, they will be enough.
#1  The ONLY problem, the ONLY thing that causes you any trouble, the only thing that slows you down, the only thing that keeps you from what you want, the only thing that makes you sick is RESISTANCE.
#2  Resistance is always accompanied by negative emotion. Negative emotion and/or pain. In other words pain is an extension of the same thing - physical discomfort.
#3  Resistance is always pushing against something.

Physical Well-being is only one good thought away. You could have every disease known to man within you today, and if you chose different-feeling thoughts tomorrow they would all leave your body. The key is to not give any unwanted thing much attention. When it doesn't feel good -- turn your attention somewhere else. 

If we were in a physical body, and we found ourselves sick, which means we've pinched off enough Well-being long enough, through our attention to what we do not want, that we have a sort of habit of that going on, even though intellectually we would know that in the next moment we could step into a place and allow the Energy to flow, and that the illness, that had been with us even for a long time, would leave us in the moment of doing that... the approach we would take is: We would make a new decision to literally pamper ourselves, adore ourselves, coddle ourselves, soothe ourselves in any possible way that we could figure out how to do it, back into Well-being. We would not try to regret ourselves into it. We would not punish ourselves for what we've done wrong. And we would not frighten ourselves by going for constant diagnosis.
We would say, "Alright, so that's the way it is. You say my illness is terminal, then never mind. I'm going to take a different approach." And we would try to soothe ourselves back into Well-being, by doing all of our favorite things. We would spend more time soaking in the bathtub if we like it, and more time with our feet in the sand if we like that, and more time with this friend if we like it, and more time watching this movie if we like it, and more time eating this food if we like it... We would pet our cat, right back into Well-being. All that's required is distraction from whatever it is that's causing it.
Often, just by getting away, sometimes just by going to a beautiful place and kicking back ( and you don't need a lot of money to do that) you can just withdraw from things that have been aggravating you, and bask more in the Well-being that is, or can be, around you, until you regain your footing. That's what we would do.
We would put some distance between us and any thought, word or action that brought forth negative emotion. If it is pleasing to you to have some well meaning person say, "You're croaking," then visit him every day. But if those words do not feel good when you hear them, then put yourself in a place where you do not hear them. 

Every one of you who stands in your body, continues to enhance the experience of the physical body. This is an evolution of a species that is extraordinary. Your bodies are not to be feared. Your bodies are to be revered. Your bodies are to be applauded. Your bodies are to be maybe even amazed at. But they are never to be feared. Your bodies are not vulnerable. They're not fragile. They are resilient. They are flexible. You have the ability to come into alignment again and again and again, and if anyone in the Universe understands that, it's the cells of your body.
Befriending your body is the only way we know of coming to understand that your body is resilient and that it knows what to do, and that it will be whatever you ask it to be. But you have to ask it to be that in a place of nonresistance. It's the most significant information that we have ever expressed relative to your physical body and food. You must love your body, and then lovingly give it the food. And when you love your body and lovingly give it the food, it matters not what food you give it.

A state of perfect health is simply a state of perfect balance---a state of Energy alignment.
When one holds a desire but his belief contradicts that desire he is not in a state of Energy alignment, and the fear of discouragement or anger he feels is his indicator of that misalignment.
When there is misalignment of Energy, there is struggle and tension. When the misalignment stops, a feeling of relief or ease ensues.
Lack of health is disease.
Allowance of health is ease.
The best assurance of physical health is deliberate alignment of Energies. And the most tangible way to discern this alignment is by making the desire for ease a dominant intention.
When Energies are in alignment, inspiration as to food, action, motion, exercise, supplementation and all else, will fall into perfect alignment.
If one does not take the time to align Energies, there is not enough medication, exercise, or action to make any difference.
If one takes the time to align Energy---perfect action is always inspired.

You could stand here sick with ten illnesses today, and tomorrow have no evidence of any of them. Your body has the ability to replenish itself that fast. But most of you do not have the ability to change your thoughts that fast. So the amount of time that it takes between sickness and wellness is only the amount of time that it takes for me to figure out how to let it in -- for me to figure out how to feel good, when I'm looking at something that makes me feel bad.

The very best approach to medicine is, 'Well, I see your physical body is sick, what's been bothering you?
What are you worried about?
What are you angry about?
What are you frustrated about?'
Because that is what is at the root of all this.
And then say 'let it go, let it go, let it go.'
That's the message, and if they could hear you and do that, then they would all be well right away.

Your physical body is so near you. It is responding purely to the balance of the thought that you offer. It would take any of you very little to affect healing within yourself. If you could acknowledge the power of thought and get your thought moving toward your expectation of wellness rather than toward your expectation of illness.

Something you might do that is a very delicious thing to do is put yourself in your bed and summon the energy. Whether you're summoning it to your face or to your toe, pick a spot on your body and say, "Work on this for me, will you? Psychic cellular surgeons, come forth and work on me. Plump up this cell to its most extraordinary state of well-being. And I will lie here in the most relaxed state of being that I can find with an expectation of that."
And what you will feel is literally a sensation within your body. You will literally feel.
Pick a spot and feel it. Choose a spot on the back of your neck, or in the pit of your knee, or across the small of your back. Pick any spot, and as you lie there in that feeling.

In other words, as the energy moves through in this non-resisted way, anything that you set your attention to...
Many of you have come to just accept the way things are because you're afraid of being disappointed. When, you don't have to just accept anything, you get to choose everything! There is nothing that would be denied you in your place of pure wanting.

Now what we're saying to you is you do not understand the intricacies of your body. Your body is doing all kinds of things to bring itself into balance. Your body is so masterful –- the cells of your body are like psychic surgeons, they know what to do. "So what you're wanting to do is make every effort to relax and allow the natural rhythms of your body to take care of you. You are in such good hands if you allow it. But in your worry you are not allowing, you see.

What is the potential of your body? You make a very good point. You've been changing, constantly. From the day you were born, you were changing. Let's use the word "change/evolve/becoming" rather than "change/evolve/declining." Let's talk about change in terms of evolving/becoming.
Is it possible for a physical being to maintain their wellness for as long as they have reason to focus through this apparatus? Yes. Because your cells are constantly regenerating. If you are setting the tone, if you are setting the tone and writing the script, your cells will acquiesce to the tone that you have set.
Your cells are observing now, you're really going to like this. You know how we talked about how most people are offering their vibration almost exclusively in response to what they are observing? Your cells do that, too. So, if the cells of your body are observing decline, then the new cells that are generated take on those same characteristics. That's why when you cut your leg, or your hand, the scar remains, even though different cells are replacing those cells. They acquiesce to the memory. And yet, there are those who can heal. There are those that can focus their energy and change the vibrational expectancy of those cells.

Aren't you just thrilled that there are billions of beings of intelligence within you?
Cells that each know what's best for them? And as they find what's best for them, it is ultimately what's best for you- unless you're focused upon something unwanted and using that as your excuse to block the flow. They are asking, Non-Physical is answering. Are you in the way or are you letting it flow? That's what this "Letting go and letting God" is all about. It's about relaxing and no longer hindering the communication between the individual askers. Every particle gets to individually decide. And as every particle asks, it is answered--and the Whole continues to thrive.
Deep breathing is a big part of your Well-being, because with that deep breath, there is activation on a cellular level. In other words, it is the current that carries the vitality to the extremities of the cells. And so, the more you are breathing, the more you are thriving.
Some say it is the way the Spirit moves. We would say it is the way life moves most efficiently through your physical body. And,fortunately, it is something that is not left to your conscious mind. You don't have to prompt yourself to breathe. It happens. But you can prompt yourself to breathe more.
We encourage that you deliberately take some air in. And then before you let it out, take some more air in. And then before you let it out, take some more air in. And before you let it out...and you say, "I can't take any more in, because there's no place for it to go." And we say, yes there is, take some more in.
Expand your capacity. Your lungs, like balloons, can be all shriveled up, or expanded fully. As you move on a regular basis, they expand somewhat, but they don't expand fully. As you deliberately breathe deeper, it becomes more natural for them to get fuller - and before you know it, it will be an involuntary thing. You will naturally breathe more deeply.
When you are running or moving your body, you don't have to think about it, your body demands it. But when you are sitting, as in an environment like this Workshop, it's very helpful to deliberately breathe in more, breathe in more. And when you think that you cannpt breathe in any more - breathe in more. And then experience the deliciousness of a long, easy, out, out, out, out, out. And then breathe in more, breathe in more, breathe in more.
And as you do this more deliberately, you will begin to do it more involuntarily - and your bodies will thrive. It's even more important than drinking water. It's right up there with life itself.
When concentrating on your breathing, you are not concentrating on other things. And in that absence of resistance, you are also allowing an alignment of Energy. So you get a double whammy with it: You're aligning with Source Energy. You are literally feeding the cells of your body, allowing oxygen to reach the extremities of your cells. Everybody comes alive - and everything works better. Metabolism works better, elimination works better, clarity works better, blood flows better. Thriving comes from this.

There is no state of physical decline or damage that you could not recover from- none- not any, if you knew it. If you wanted it and knew that you could. And that's those miracles that they talk about every day. They're not miracles at all, they are the natural order of things. But because they are rare, people think they are miraculous. They're not. That's the way it is supposed to be. You're supposed to thrive.  
 You could have every deadly known to man, and some they haven't even figured out yet, you could have them all in your body right now- and tomorrow they could all be gone, if from one day to the next you learned how to allow the energy to flow.
We really are not encouraging those kinds of quantum leaps, they are a little uncomfortable.
What we really are encouraging is every day being SELFISH enough to say:
'Nothing is more important than that I feel good.
And I'm going to find ways today.
I'm going to begin my day by meditating and bringing myself into alignment with my Source Energy.
And as I move through the day, I'm going to look for opportunities to appreciate, so that all day long I'll bring myself back into Source Energy.'


Reclaiming a youthful appearance:
Let your format produce the desire, and once the desire is there, then lie on your bed and ask that the energy come forth. And as you release your limitations or your disbelief about it, then it will be your experience.
You are really onto something important here because your body has enormous regenerating power. Just a day ago, Esther scratched her finger on something. She doesn't even know how it happened, something in hooking up the tow car to the motor home. She doesn't like to wear gloves because she can't feel things so well. And there was a pretty significant mark here that, today, is all but gone. The regenerating quality of your body is extraordinary.
When you realize that your body has the power to continue to become—your scientists have already determined that the cells of your body are replacing themselves continually--and so what you are wanting to do is create an atmosphere, an emotional atmosphere, which means, a good-feeling-place environment, which allows the cells to be all that they are wanting to be. In other words, it's just a matter of relaxing into the well-being that is natural.

So here we will drop the BIG BOMB on you-
You could eat dirt, we don't know why any of you would want to, or CANDY, or any number of things that you have convinced yourself you should not eat, and if you were doing it in a vibration of "letting it in" your body would figure out how to make good use of WHATEVER you are consuming.
On the other hand, you could eat the most nutritious of foods by the standards that have been set by your world at large, and if you are uncomfortable with yourself while you are doing it, the best of that which they call " The Best" would NOT nurture you at all, because your not letting it in.
Sort of like pinching it off so that even though the volume is going through you, the VALUE is not getting to you, because you are vibrationally not allowing it. So it is not about what you are doing, it is about how your are FEELING while you are doing it, you see.

Allowing thin and slim:
Let's say that you are eating food and feeling guilty about it, and most of you if you are eating food you are feeling guilty about it. [Audience laughs] In other words, most of you are having a difficult time finding anything to eat, there's something wrong with all of it, according to some book somewhere. And so you have this desire for this physical [countenance], and the reality is something different than your desire.
And your reality is so obvious to you... it's obvious to you when you pass a mirror, it's obvious to you when someone that you care about looks at you, it's obvious to you by the way your clothes feel. How you are is obvious to you. In fact, how you are is dominant in your vibration.
So you envision a brief run on a beach, dressed in something very scanty and revealing, whether you are male or female, jogging down the beach, knowing you look good, feeling great that you look good, knowing that they know you look good. Scene is over.
In other words, you must go that long . . . or you remember being dressed in something that you felt really good in, and you remember somebody else who you didn't even know, meeting you in an elevator and saying, "you are really beautiful in that." Scene is over.
You get a sense of it? In other words, you must find a little snatch... revel in it for a moment and leave. And what happens is you begin to activate that part of you so much, that now even though a reality is different from what you are living, you have different things activated within you, so everything starts responding to you according to your different activation.
When you feel fat your food makes you fatter – it does! When you feel slender your food keeps you slender – it does!
You must understand that because you see people eating similarly with very different results, and you say, "oh yeah, it's their metabolism," and we say, what do you think metabolism is?! Metabolism is vibrational response to your moment in time. Metabolism is the way the energy is moving through your body, you see. And so *everything* is in response to the way that you feel.
Everything is.
Everything is mind over matter.

Metabolism is vibration response to your moment in time. Metabolism is the way the Energy is moving through your body. And so, everything is in response to the way you feel-everything is. Everything is mind over matter. Every disease is mental first. Everything is about thought. Everything is about vibration. Everything is about the way you feel. Practice scenarios that feel good-and never mind reality. Reality is only a brief moment in time that you keep repeating.

As we behold your body you are much more an electrical circuit board than anything else. You are flesh, blood and bone that is clear to YOUR eyes but you are like an electrical circuit board more. As we visit with you here it sounds to most of you that we are wanting to assist you in using your brain to focus more precisely, and that is true but your brain is not the only thinking mechanism in your body. Every cell has a brain, millions of them. The cells of your body have been pre-programmed, pre-paved, pre-intended to maintain the continuity of your body. The cells of your body as individuals, actually know their function within your body much better than most of you know your function within your physical arena. All cells do not do the same thing, each cell knows exactly what its purpose and function is. The cells vibrationally communicate, they electronically, electrically communicate with each other and with their Non Physical source. So the cells vibrationally ask for what they are needing to maintain the continuity of your body, and the Non Physical answers them. While this is taking place--which is every waking or sleeping moment of your day or night--as you are thinking thoughts, if your thought is one of appreciation, then in its vibrational harmony with the Source of the energy that comes to your body, as the cells are asking and the non-physical is answering, there is no resistance. There is perfect harmony so the communication process is complete.
But if while the cells are asking and non-physical is answering, if you are frustrated or worried or focused upon lack- and it’s easy to do especially when your body is hurting or when it is not functioning as you are accustomed to it functioning--then what happens is, you vibrationally without meaning to offer a resistance and that resistance slows down the ability of the cells and the non-physical to inter-relate. And that is what slows the process of healing, it is also what causes pain.
What happens when the cells of your body recognize that they are out of alignment, they have one mission only and that is to get back into alignment. So every cell in the affected area of your body goes to work overtime. As those cells are generating more asking, the non-physical energy is offering more answering so there is often an intensity around that area of your body. Well if you are not relaxing into it, and allowing it then the more they do that, the more you tense against it, and the more you tense against it, the more they try to do it. You see what we are getting at?
So the best thing for you to do, is first of all acknowledge that the cells know what they are doing. Acknowledge that the pure energy is being offered and your work is to find the feeling place. In other words, your work is to relax into an attitude of well-being. Now- you have great advantage. As we were listening to you in your offering, we can hear clearly how easy it is for you to bask in the good health that you lived. It is also easy for you to feel unhappy that that good health is not there.
See yourself standing before a picture window, it is a magnificent display. There is something there that you want very very much. You cannot afford it today but you really really want it. You are yearning for it. Now see yourself looking into the same display window it is magnificent, you really really want it but you cannot afford it today. But instead of yearning for it which is full of lack, you are just purely appreciating the splendor of it. Can you feel the difference in those two vibrations? So what you are wanting to do, is to spend more of your time basking in the memory of a perfectly functioning body. Not tensing against the body that's not working quite so well but spend more time remembering, more time regurgitating more time finding that place of Pure Positive Energy, and your body will realign itself. It is certain.
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