Abraham-Hicks Quotes: Appreciation

I love my life in so many ways, but I can see how this money that's on its way to me will enhance my life in this way, in this way and in this way. An extra $100 today would mean these changes, an extra $1000 dollars today would mean these changes. If I were allowing in an extra $100,000.00 this year I would do this with it. If I allowed in an extra $500,000.00 every year...oh that would mean I would live over there and that means I would drive that, and that means I would work... that means I wouldn't work there.

You want to fill yourself so full of appreciation of what's coming that you don't notice that it hasn't come...that's the key.

We're encouraging you to play this game where you do your best to make peace with where you are. And making peace with where you are goes like this, "Well here I am and there's where I want to be. And eventually I will be there, in good time."

Not making the best of it or not making peace with where you are is, 'I want to be over there but I'm over here. But I want to be over there but I'm over here."

In other words, you've got to soften that feeling of discord between where you are and where you want to be. And as you begin to practice that on any subject that comes up, before you know it, you will have released so much resistance, you will be truly doing what we call the Art of Allowing, where so many of the things that you've been asking for that are just ripe and ready for you to receive, you now let into your experience because you're relaxed and you're no longer pushing them away with a contradictory vibration.

I really just want more money and free time and it doesn't matter how or where it comes. I know that if I just drop this issue for a bit and revisit it when I feel better I have a chance of seeing things more clearly for what they are.

Begin making lists of things that you feel good about. Fill your notebooks full of them. Make lists of positive aspects. Make lists of things you love. Go the restaurant and look for your favorite thing, and never complain about anything. Look for the thing you like the best even if there is only one thing. Give it your full attention, and use it as your excuse to be who you truly are. As you look for those thing that make you shine bright, and make you feel good, you'll tune to who you are, and the whole world will begin to transform before your eyes. It's not your job to transform it for others, but it is your job to transform it for yourself.

When you awaken in the morning, lie in your bed and move through your mind this list of things that you are appreciating. And then go right from there to brushing your teeth and doing whatever you need to do immediately. And then go right to your chair of meditation and bring yourself again into vibrational alignment with wellbeing. Only this time, you're not doing it because you are asleep --you're wide awake. And you are tuning yourself to the vibration of Who You Are. Then get up from your meditation chair and go right to the kitchen, and find something that is delicious and refreshing to eat. And as you are eating it, sit with an attitude of appreciation. And once you've finished eating your delicious meal, whatever it might be, then sit with your paper and pen and make a list of things that you appreciate. Just write the things that flow forth from you easily. Don't make it a list of things you SHOULD appreciate --the things that you do appreciate. And this process will put you in the vibrational attitude of alignment with Source. And if you will do that tomorrow and the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day, before you know it, and certainly within 30 days, you will have set the tone of seeing the world through the eyes of Source in a way that you have never done before. [Powerfully] And then you will not be asking us what it's like to be pure, positive energy, because you'll know it VISCERALLY. You'll feel it in EVERY FIBER OF YOUR BEING.

We love seeing you applauding someone else's success because, when you are genuinely thrilled by it, that means you are right on track of your own. Many think that success means getting everything they want. And we say, that is what DEAD is, and there is no such thing as that kind of dead! Success is not about getting it done. It is about dreaming and feeling positive in the unfolding. The standard of success in life is not the money or the stuff - the standard of success IS absolutely the amount of joy you feel!

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