We've been invaded with BUGS!!!!!

I'm here to report that the Loonyverse has been infested. At this moment our house is being overrun with creepy, crawly, buzzing bugs. The skitter everywhere, running around all over the place, even fighting one another. And you know what we LOVE them. That's right we love our new Nano hexbugs, created by Innovation First Labs Inc. 

We received a party pack to play with/review, so the divas and Ian, along with guests got to play with bugs.  Yeah, even mom who had the little incident with the spider

These little critters are adorable computer chip looking bugs that come in a variety of colors. You can buy Tracks and habitation areas for them, and let me tell you it is fun watching them run around the track. You can battle them, set two or more on a track area and the first one to get knocked over loses. 

OR you can do what we did, set up a massive track, and turn them loose and watch them go. Everyone in the house had a blast with them, From Ian and his cousins, to mom and Ken. The only down side to these bugs is that the buzzing they may get a little annoying after a while, especially if you have alot of them going at once.

Now each little hex bug also comes with an online code that give you access to games and activities on their web site. The site also provides information on the science behind the bugs and other educational fun. So I do believe we'll be letting this infestation stay, as long as the don't start breeding....... computer bugs can't breed can they?...... uh oh umm I'm going to go check their habitat...... 

We have absolutely had a blast with these little robotic bugs and feel they will make a great gift, as well as provide hours and hours of entertainment.

Gamer Girlie out

Pictures and vid (hopefully) to come soon-  Geeky Mommy and Ian took the set-up to play and share with some of their cajun cousins and we never received the copies/links to pics and vids that we were supposed to get. 

Although we received the party pack to facilitate our review, the opinions are 100% ours and were not in any way influenced from receiving the product.
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