Sloppy Joes Our Way - another story to file under she's not quite right

Before the girls get to it, I'll tattle on myself - I know, not like you need it or anything, but here is even more proof I'm a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

The joes were sloppying (simmering on the stovetop) and I realized the buns were missing.

Remember, one of our dogs, Kitteh, will take bags of bread and rolls off the shelves or counters- not to eat, but to carry around until she leaves them unattended and dude steals them so this isn't all that unusual in our world.

I may or may not have offered them on hot dog buns to the girls but we were a tad testy and not having any of it and I either didn't have a car or didn't want to drag the 4 of them out at rush hour (which at that point was a joke in our little town of Conway, my how we've grown in 10 years) so I got out a big platter and slapped it on half the slices of bread and folded them over then I set the platter down in the middle of our awesome round coffee table.

I put out plates for the girls and told them we were having a slop-eating contest to see who could eat the most without using their hands.  They had to sit on them or keep behind their backs except to grab another one to put on their plate when it was empty.

We had more fun with that, and I don't even remember whether Devii or Casey won, but I know it turned the cranky bugs into giggles and laughter and is a really good memory for us- you would be surprised how often one of them will bring it up...   Hey guys remember when mom had us...

Although I doubt she had this in mind or would approve, as Martha says, It's A Good Thing!

Sloppy joes our way-  the girls do not like the sauce in a can or the envie mix, so we were making up a really good recipe from All recipes, but one day I forget what we didn't have and I just dumped some Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce (OMG try the new honey chipotle one you won't be disappointed- wait til Kroger has another 10 for $10 sale) and now we prefer it.)

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