I love to LOL!

You know what I love? Funny songs, funny parodies… Well, anything funny is good really. So, this is a post dedicated to a few of my favorite YouTube videos!

If you like Katy Perry’s hit song “California Gurls” then you will LOVE this parody by Barely Political!

I listen to it so much that when I’m driving and the real song comes on, I’m usually mixing up the lyrics… Ok, I’m always mixing up the lyrics.

The truth about being a pop star…I love this video for how true it is. Seriously, watch, laugh, and enjoy.

That one is another parody by JamesatWar and again about celebrities, this one is still funny, but it has a good, moral message behind it.

This one’s just because I know way to many people who remind me of that song-If you like Halo 3, or know someone who likes it… dude, you’ve gotta watch this one!!

BarelyPolitical does it again with their Key Of Awesome segment, and this time it’s Eminem and Rihanna’s Love the way you…….like! =D Just watch it and you’ll understand.

For the next one all I can say is AHAHAHAHAHAHA! OMG LOLZ!

I love the Key of Awesome!!

I have many more funny videos, but if I put up many more then this post will be way to long. Comment and tell me which one is your favorite!

Also, as a bonus, I’m going to share with you my FAVORITE YouTube star! I absolutely love her and have been watching her since she started this! She shows you how funny life really is…

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