How to: make your link list scrollable

Tired of your blog list taking up half your sidebar?  Here's a super simple way to put that list into a scroll box in blogger.

Identify which widget is going into a scroll box.

Find the widget ID.

Go back to Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML. Find this line of code in your template:

  < /b:skin >

without the breaks

Add the code below immediately before (above) the line.

/* Scroll box by Blogger Sentral START */
#YourWidgetID .widget-content {
height: 200px;
overflow: auto;
/* Scroll box by Blogger Sentral END */

Replace YourWidgetID with the widget ID you got in step 1.

Click preview and you should see a scroll box with your link list, if it shows up fine, click save template.

There you have it-  super simple and you won't have a long *ss list of blogs that you read cluttering up your sidebar.

If you find this easy tutorial useful, feel free to spread the word, we'd really appreciate it.  Knowing we helped someone avoid the headaches and hassles really brightens our day.  :-)
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