How to: add a custom favicon to your blog.

It's relatively easy to make your button/banner or any other image into a favicon (that little image up in the address bar to the left of the url).  With blogger blogs, until or unless you change it, it's the big orange and white B.

A custom favicon will set your blog apart (and get your *brand* out there).

The first thing you want to do is make your favicon-  16x16 pixels.

You can easily create one for free at either or do what I did and make my own in Xheader.    The free version of Xheader is also what I use to create my buttons, banners, etc.

When you are done, save it as a jpeg or jpg and put it wherever your image hosting service is.  I use photobucket.

Now it's time to install your favicon.

Click preview-  now when you see your blog in your browser you should be able to see your favicon to the left of the web address.  Once you click save, you (and anyone else who visits your blog) will see your favicon in the address bar.

 If you find this easy tutorial useful, feel free to spread the word, we'd really appreciate it.  Knowing we helped someone avoid the headaches and hassles really brightens our day.  :-)
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