Fun games for everyone- many free or with free trial.

Hi there gamer girlie here I think it's time I get more active in the Loonyverse so I have decided to share my favorite family friendly games with all of you. 

These games will be rated E for everyone, and are generally non violent, some may have monster bashing but nothing horrible or gory. 

While these games may be E, that doesn't mean those of us a bit over 10 wont enjoy them, in fact some of them are going to be very familiar.

I'm starting you off not with a game but a company, PopCap Games.

PopCap games makes some of the most addicting , colorful and fun pick up and play games out there. whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours to sit and play there is a pop cap game for you. Most of you problaby know their more famous ones, Bejweled, and Peggle- heck they even made versions of these for World of Warcraft. 

If these aren't your style, you're in luck- there are a lot of other games.  Feeding Frenzy, Bookworm, and Plants vs Zombies, are among my fave. 

PopCap offers a free web version of many of their games, or a dowloadable free trial. All of their games are affordably priced, and they sometimes offer specials and discounts. If your looking for something to do for a few moments to relax or new puzzles to tease your brain with give them a look. 

Gamer Girlie out.
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