Camping, Diva Style

There are, to our way of thinking, 3 styles of camping.

The first is roughing it-  you know, what outdoorsy type people do.
A sleeping bag under the stars, some fishing our hunting equipment so they can catch dinner, a few provisions for *just in case* so they don't starve to death, a change or so of clothing (which they probably won't use, no matter how long they are out there.
Perhaps a bar of soap and a towel if they are going to be longer than a week.
A cooler full of beer is a must, maybe some cokes.
They consider campers who have a tent, perhaps a roll of toilet paper spoiled.

Next there are the average campers.  Typically your average camper has a tent or one of those trailer thingies.

They will be in an area that has electrical hook ups, if they aren't fortunate enough to have their own they will use the communal potty and shower, and there will most likely be a recreation area so they can hang with other campers.

They often overpack and have most of the comforts of home, and are considered sissies by those campers who enjoy roughing it.

Finally you have your divas.  (Guess which category we fit into.)
Divas despise camping.  Loathe camping.  Bitch and moan about everything that has to do with camping including dirt, bugs, nature, animals, lack of civilization, etc.
Divas camp in hotels.  For them, roughing it is staying in a 3 star or below hotel or God forbid, a motel.
Divas whine and complain about the lack of 24 hour room service (how dare they stop serving at midnight!), lack of valet parking, not having anywhere good to shop, having to go off the premises for spa services and the like.

Divas should not forced to go camping, ever.  Trust us when we say that it is better to ship them to their favorite spa or resort, your sanity is worth every penny it will cost you.  And, you won't end up facing murder charges.

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