Finally caught up with winners, family stuff

All winners have finally been emailed- sorry guys-  most of the week in the hospital and then heavy duty drugs and you have-  a whole  lot of not got it in me to do even the basics.   Meh.  It is what it is and hopefully everyone understands. 

So here's what has been going on-  nothing -  lol -  told ja!


Dev's started her Jr year-  looks to be quite interesting for her and busy (natch).  Her fave is photography.  Now to get her a great camera (hopefully will win one since everything else is pretty screwy) and she can't borrow Ki's forever.

Casey is in Cali again for Derek's job (one of them anyways).  After they get back they will be heading to OK for another.  Yes, we're all jealous as our itchy feet are kicking in.  Somehow, the hospital just doesn't have the same effect on me as a vacation.

Kyra is working and working and looking for another job and being a fabulous mama and helping out with the chauffer services when I can't do it.  That kid rocks.  Except when I am witching at her in which case-  dude c'mon already!  we're too dang much alike and butting heads.

Dawn is staying busy trying to get and/or stay healthy and pretty much planning for when she goes with Dan which is now looking like Austria due to the whole job thingie.  Another of those we'll see what we see when we see it.

Ian is a pistol!  He's a 3 year old redhead-  'nuff said.

Ken is on permanent disability which sucks-  not only the $ thing-  fun times since he can't or won't do the SS thing and is leaving it up to me -  yeah, cuz I have nothing better to do!  NOT!  (remember I couldn't even choose the winners-  really, believe it or not they don't wait til your ass is better to send you home from the hospital, they kick you out the second they can).  He's also here ALL THE TIME.  He's not driving til he's steadier (if ever) so I NEVER EVER EVER EVER get away from him.  The TV is ALWAYS blasting when he's awake.  He's a good guy, really he is but I don't like to be with anyone 24/7 including myself.  Oh and we're sharing a computer since his died and with him not working replacing is just not an option right now.  These are some fun times peeps.  NOT!!!!!  So, if you pray, pray for me.  I need all the help I can get.  LOL

That's about it-  have some giveaways to get listed, promise we'll do those this weekend. 

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