3 Flamingos Frozen Yogurt

Here at the Loonyverse, we've realized that there aren't really any good guides to Central Arkansas (unless you're interested in the historic sites and/or fishin', huntin', and muddin'--and that's just not Diva Compatible). So we've decided to start our own fun and budget-friendly list. First up is the fantastic 3 Flamingos frozen yogurt shop. 

There are locations in Searcy and Conway, with shops in Little Rock and Hot Springs soon to come. The Conway location opened up two short weeks ago, and so we decided to give it a shot.

The first thing that struck us when we walked in was the atmosphere that just radiated FUN. Lots of bold, beach-y colors, and FLAMINGOS EVERYWHERE!  So much fun that we *had* to text mom and say mom, mom, we found YOUR STORE.

When we asked the manager, Mrs. Connie Tipton, she said that it was named for the owners' three daughters, who love beach-y things (I have a feeling we'd get along quite well).

If you are an in a hurry eat and run kind of yogurt (or sorbet) stop by during the day because at night things pick up- especially on Wednesday evenings after church when apparently the customers are likely to burst into song with no provocation whatsoever.  Hmmmm remind you of anyone?

After that was the variety. There are fourteen individual flavors (from cappuccino to vanilla to energizing pomegranate), and you can twist, mix, and combine them for infinite unique flavors. They also have over sixty different toppings, and they switch them out frequently (if it's not selling, it's out and something better is in). If it's cost-effective, they'll gladly honor any suggestions for new toppings (for example, cinnamon and honey were requested by customers). A few of the toppings include gourmet Ghirardelli syrups, three kinds of cookie dough (chocolate chip, peanut butter, and sugar), pineapple, Fruity Pebbles, and Andes Mints.

It's priced by weight, whether you get all yogurt or a cup full of candy. Geeky Mommy and I made use of that, using the yogurt as a vessel for our (jillion) toppings--by the time we were done with the whipped cream, you couldn't tell there was any yogurt inside. We both started out with small cups, but had to drop them into larges by the end of it so that it wouldn't all spill out! There's just so much to sample, it's hard to stop after one little cup.

Finally, the most important thing: The frozen yogurt is absolutely amazing, probably the best any of us have had. We each concocted our own special flavor combinations, which you'll find after this paragraph. Paired with the complete friendliness of all the staff members, we really couldn't have had a better experience. I know that it's going to be at the top of my hangout spots from now on!

Our special flavor combinations:
GeekyMommy's Pomegranate Pick-Me-Up:
Pomegranate yogurt (has the same amount of taurine as a Red Bull!)
Vanilla yogurt
Sunflower seeds
Mandarin oranges
About a gallon of whipped cream
And a cherry on top

GeekyMommy's Birthday Explosion
Birthday Cake yogurt
Dark Chocolate yogurt
Cookies and Cream yogurt
All 3 types of cookie dough
Reese's Pieces
Chocolate, white chocolate, and caramel sauces
Another gallon of whipped cream
And another cherry

DDDiva's Sunset Sorbet
Watermelon Sorbet
Valencia Orange Sorbet
Pink Lemondade Sorbet
Energizing Pomegranate yogurt

Geekazoid's CappuCheesecake Collision
Cappuccino yogurt
Cheesecake yogurt
Crushed graham cracker
Crushed butterfinger
Reese's cups
Chocolate covered raisins (trust me here!)
All 3 cookie doughs
Chocolate, white chocolate, and caramel sauces
Cap'n Crunch
Yet another gallon of whipped cream
And three cherries :D

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!  Check out their facebook page here and be sure to say hi from the divas.
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