Refreshing berry salad

We try to keep a variety of greens, veggies and fruits on hand otherwise we have a really bad habit of grabbing whatever is quickest to nuke when it is so hot out.

When I was growing up, a salad was iceberg lettuce, cucumber, tomato-  if your mom was fancy (mine was-  and this was ALL she did fancy in the kitchen) you might get some carrot, radish or onion.  Dressing was Catalina or Russian, maybe thousand island.  Nothing wrong with those, in fact we still enjoy them-  especially the myo versions since they can be altered to our tastes.

Even when the girls were little I would add a lot more veggies, almost any that could be eaten raw, and a chef salad had ham, turkey and cheese, or maybe you'd get a cobb salad or something but they were nothing compared to how we eat today.  Fruits, nuts, cheeses, etc...

I am sharing with you because I still know people who eat like we did and they are missing so much by not experimenting.

Lately, our most creative salad maker has been Dev.  Her fave dressings (the only ones she eats at all) are the fruit or balsamic vinaigrettes.

She's been working a lot and with the heat often she'll just toss together a quickie salad for a late dinner after work or an early one before.

She doesn't eat a whole lot of meat, not that any of us eat all that much, usually, but any of her salads would make a complete meal for someone who needs them by adding chicken, salmon, crab, etc.
Here's a fabulous salad she made last week:

Organic baby spinach
Sliced carrots
Sliced cucumbers, quartered
Toasted sunflower seeds (I think these might be honey roasted)
Raspberry vinaigrette 

Place a layer of spinach in the bowl, top with veggies and fruits, drizzle lightly with the vinegarette and top with sunflower seeds.

A feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds.

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