Pretty up your piggies- soft summer feet!

I have the most ridiculously sensitive skin on the planet. Seriously, ask anyone who knows me. I can’t wear jeans if they are tough, I can’t wear a lot of fabrics, and I can’t sleep on normal sheets. (Instead, I sleep between fuzzy blankets that are soft and non-irritable.) Seriously-I had been BEGGING mom to teach me how to make fondant, and then when we made it I had to sit out because it irritated my hands too badly to touch…

Well, for some odd reason my feet decided to get DRY! Ahhh! Ok, so to most people this is not a crisis. To me? Horrible! I couldn’t sleep because if my foot touched my leg (Or arm, I curl up in a ball) my skin would get itchy and hurt… I basically became allergic to my feet. (Not really but it amuses me to say so, so I will. Ha.) I don’t know why. I scrubbed at ‘em, I moisturized them… nothing.

Well, now I’m going to share with you how I got my super soft feet back!

So first things first! Soak and scrub! 

That’s right! First you’re going to soak your feet. Maybe take a bath, do whatever. Nice hot bath water will loosen your skin up, the longer you’re in there, there better. Then scrub at your feet with whatever bath utensil ( Don’t mock me!) you use. I like bath puffs a lot. So you scrub at your feet with body wash on a puff or whatever else you want to use. 

Right after that you’re going to apply a mix that I’m about to tell you how to make, and scrub more!
Take one table spoon of sugar, one table spoon of honey and two table spoons of olive oil. Mix it all up and rub it on your feet, or your whole body. This even works as a now-and-again facial scrub. Think the oil will clog your pores? Think again! The molecule in olive oil is just too large to enter your pores, but it’s got good moisturizing properties…don’t do it regularly though; it can be a little irritating to some people. It’s a now and then treat for your face, but you can use it daily on your feet and every-other day on your body. 

After you’ve THOROUGHLY scrubbed at your feet it’s time to rinse off and dry off. Afterwards put Vaseline on your feet and cover them with socks. Simple, right? I did this for three days in a row and now my feet are soft! I’m going to keep it up every week, perhaps more if my feet decide to be evil to me again… I’m also using just the Vaseline every night to keep the skin on my feet soft.

=D I will never have dry feet again! Mwahahahaha.
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