Happy July!

Well somehow we managed to make it through another month of NaBloPoMo and get a post every day in June so thought I'd try again this month.

The theme for July is Saved, which can mean so many different things.  Some believe they are saved from their sins or those of their fathers (parents), some have saved every piece of paper their kids ever scribbled on and cry over it, even the papers that are obviously half-assed and all poopy brown 3 second scribble jobs (sorry, but while I do save the special things, there is no reason to take a sheet torn from a coloring book they spent less time coloring than you did putting it in a file box and pretend they are gonna care about it 20 years from now) and some - yes, I'm talking about you Ken, have saved every damn receipt and paystub they ever got...  nobody cares that a zillion years ago you made 1.60 an hour.  Not even you.  Of course, it could be all the money I probably could have saved by not eating out or going to Starbucks, but hell, I want to enjoy this life I'm living and that's part of it for me.

The writing prompt for today is what is your favorite movie, which I have no idea what that has to do with saved but-  we're putting together a post of movies that are great to have marathons with and while there are many great ones-  we all love love love some that are hard to come by but still they are just plain fun, and that's the Ma & Pa Kettle movies.  They really just don't make them like that any more.  "Come 'n get it!"

So-  what is your favorite movie or series of movies?  Or are you like us and it really depends on your mood at the time?  And- if you know the answer-  what does that have to do with the theme of NaBloPoMo? 

Do any of y'all do NaBloPoMo?  I mostly do it to be accountable- I can get really lazy and / or caught up in other things and really let the blog slide this way-  I know I'll have a post a day since I hate failing at something I set out to do unless it is beyond my control.

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