GeekyMommy Vs. writers flow

Writers flow, the opposite of writers block. It is where I just want to keep writing, and even when I am not, I am lost in the world of my book. This has been consuming all of my free time and words, I'm afraid, so things like the blog have been... neglected to say the least. That being said my book is shaping up well! I hope to send it off to the publishers within the year (hopefully sooner but I'm not going to rush--- this is the favorite story I have written thusfar).

The people at work do get a bit confused when I start talking like a pirate though. Its kinda funny.

Hopefully I will get enough out of my head onto paper that I will be good for writing a bit more then that soon, but just in case, here is an abridged preview...

"Well, that didn't go as planned!"
"But we got it, didn't we?"
She could feel each stomp shake the bench as he approached, anger seeming to fill the room even before he opened the door.
"What were you doing in there boys! Pickin' yer noses!" the deep baritone reverberated through her whole body and made her hair stand on end.

There is, of course, a lot more then that, but this is what I felt like sharing today XD also, its on my computer, I'm on moms, so this is just a quick recap. Well, see ya'll later! Have a good weekend!
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