WooHoo it's kickoff time!

Eww, no, way too hot for football, at least in Arkansas.  We're talking about our Summer Bash. We've been working really hard and want to give you maximum value, so if there's anything you'd like to see added just leave a note or shoot us an email and we'll accommodate you as best we can.

To pique your interest we'll give you a sneak peak into some of what we've got planned, and for easy reference we'll post links as we add to the blog and add to the list, which at this point is by no means comprehensive.

Thanks to our fabulous sponsors, we'll be hosting several faboo reviews and giveaways

Sabra review & giveaway

Safety-  general summer safety, water safety, safety in crowds, food safety

Ultimate Summer Playlists-  road trip, beach, summer in general, just for fun, $$ when the pockets are empty and I am in need an infusion of cash $$ ;-)

Vacations-  teen road trips, family road trips, traveling with kids 

 Free (or very cheap) Summer Fun-  Library (and summer reading programs), free movies, free concerts, festivals

Planning your summer meals so you don't roast yourself along with your dinner-  hints & tips,
Geeky Mommy vs the grill, picnic friendly foods, salads, slow-cooker/crockpot meals, refreshing salads, camp food, foods that travel well

The greening of Geeky Mommy-  going organic and fair trade whenever possible-  when is it essential v when it would be nice if you could v when the benefits do not outweigh the cost

Stress-free summer living for/with your special needs child-  the importance of keeping a schedule for your autistic child, having fun at a theme park with your special needs child

Getting rid of the little monsters-  which camp is right for your child-  sleep away, day, VBS, ship 'em off to gramma's

Camping diva style-  yes, that DOES mean settling for a stupid hotel that the room service shuts down before midnight.

Avoiding "mom, I'm bored" syndrome-  great summer crafts for kids, get with the (learning) program aka teaching your kids age appropriate life skills

4th of July

Dog days of summer-  taking care of your pets in the heat

Beautiful divas-  pedi ready piggies, keeping skin hydrated, importance of sunscreen, make your own scrubs

It's party time!  aka when the kids are away the parents will play

Gamer Girlie hooks you up with some great games for all age levels, Gamer Girlie and Mini Diva's guide to hosting the ultimate gaming marathon, renting vs buying your games

Great summer/beach reads, get your kids hooked on a series
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