When I think of my father...

Today's writing prompt for NaBloPoMo is What's the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of your father?

So many things- mostly- that he was as vain and shallow as the rest of us.

Most of you know I didn't have the best relationship with my father growing up-  and as an adult- we pretty much had separate lives that didn't intersect.  We were fine with each other, had moved past the resentment and blame and whatnot, just didn't associate. 

But, we sort of got to keep up through other family members (hi sissy, love you).


Dad had malignant melanoma which was in remission for years.  (Wear your sunscreen!)

Right before his retirement, he got it again only this time it got wicked, wicked bad and went into his brain and such.

So, what bothers him-  the pain?  nope.  The treatments?  nope.  The fact that this time recovery doesn't look good?  nope.

What bothers my father is the fact that if he does the chemo and stuff he will most likely lose his hair.

I know, right, way up there with my concerns as well.  (No, not being facetious.)

My dad had GREAT hair.  He was super uber handsome in that young Elvis, James Dean kinda cool way.

And he probably spent more on his hair in a year than he did on my first car.  (Haha he was a mechanic and got a GREAT deal!) but really, back in the day people weren't LIKE THIS, guys just weren't all metro and into taking care of themselves like that.)

My dad didn't make it long enough to lose his hair, and I am glad.

(Yeah, yeah, call me a hearless bitch.)

He truly would have hated it.  And of course that was the very least of the suffering and indignities he would have endured. 

Plus, I truly 100% believe that NO ONE dies until they are absolutely ready to return to pure positive energy.  (That whole Law of Attraction thing.)  But that's a post for another day.

I wish I had pictures of how handsome he was, but they somehow got lost in one of our moves.  Maybe sissy has some she'll share...  I actually don't even know-  we have no pics of anyone (even my own kids) before digital.
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