What was the worst job you ever had? Mine- being a mom.

NaBloPoMo prompt What was the worst job you ever had?

Being a mom.  Don't jump all over me before you read my reasoning-  I love being a mom and there is no job I'd rather have, but when the kids are sick and I can't fix it it sucks harder than anything.

However you look at it, the best job and the worst job-  just different ends of the same stick- when it is good there is nothing better and when it is bad there is nothing worse.

I've only had a few lame teen jobs, was in the USAF and been a mom (well okay volunteering as a sub in grade school was no picnic, but I stand by what I said.)  They weren't bad jobs, and I actually enjoyed them for the most part-  trying to make the best of things and all-  as well as most of the volunteering, even with the kids you couldn't correct as you might damage their self-esteem. *rolls eyes*

How about you?  What was your worst job?  Or your best?  Were they one and the same?

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