Spinach, Chicken and Strawberry Salad

This is a really excellent light refreshing salad that is the perfect main dish when it is hot and you don't want to eat something heavy.  If you pick up a rotisserie chicken or have leftovers, or grill some or even buy the pre-cooked strips you won't heat up your kitchen, always a plus.  I love versatile recipes.

Actually, we don't follow a recipe, this is so easy and pretty when you make it up on each plate individually so just add whatever looks right.

Organic baby spinach-  this is pretty much the only spinach we like, you can use whatever you want.

Cooked chicken breast-  I like the look of it torn in hunks, but you can use strips, diced etc... whatever-  the slow cooker rotisserie style chicken is really good here.

Sliced or quartered strawberries-  these are a really big flavor component so make sure they are nice and fresh and "smell" like strawberries when you buy them.

Mandarin oranges-  I use canned because they just aren't in season here and we can't buy the cuties except in winter-  drained.

Cover the plate with spinach then arrange the rest to look nice.  *Drizzle with a citrus poppyseed dressing or raspberry vinaigrette, not too much, you want a really light coating and enjoy.

That's pretty much it unless you want to add some nuts or seeds.

*If you are one of the wierdo's (aka two littlest divas) you will eat it naked - they aren't big fans of salad dressing.

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