Review & Giveaway - Zevia Natural Diet Soda

Here in the Loonyverse, we're biiiig soda drinkers. Specifically, diet soda, because we just prefer the taste. But we all hear the stories about asparatame and how it can cause weight gain and cancer, right? No fun. When we received Zevia natural diet soda to try, I was pretty excited.

It's got zero calories, has NO artificial ingredients, and is sweetened with the leaf of a plant called stevia. Stevia is hundreds of times sweeter than table sugar -and- contains lots of antioxidants. It also has no effect on blood sugar levels.

Sure, sure, it all SOUNDS great, but what about the taste? That's the main thing for us.

Well, the answer is... it's fabulous. We were sent some of each flavor to review (cola, lemon-lime twist, Dr. Zevia, ginger ale, orange, ginger root beer, and black cherry), and there were none of them that I didn't like. I'm not a huge root beer fan, but the ginger root beer is definitely something I'd pour over ice cream. My favorite has to be the Dr. Zevia... mmm.

Ken does not like diet soda for the same reason we like them-  he can't stand the taste.  He tried the cola and didn't realize he was drinking a diet drink.  So if that's what is holding you back from trying them-  well, here's the answer.

Much more natural than traditional soda, zero calories, AND super yummy? Sign me up.
Still not convinced?  Zevia has kindly offered to send one of our lovely readers a mixed case to try for themselves.

THE GIVEAWAY: One lucky reader will receive a mixed case of Zevia.  Open to US residents 18+ ends 7/2 at 11:59 pm CST.  
Main Entry:  Head on over to and tell us something we didn't mention or what flavor you think you'd most like to try.  1 entry

Want more?  The main entry is all you need for a chance to win, but you can find out how to get additional entries into our giveaways here.

Good luck, everyone.

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