Really yummy beef steak and cheddar sandwiches #recipe

Dinner tonight was an experiment that went very, very right.  Oh, if only they all would.

This is how it came about:  *I'll post the quickie version at the bottom if you want an easy way to copy to try these-  I promise you you will not be sorry.

We got some very thinly sliced steak- we bought a couple of on sale cryovac packs (12 oz each) at Kroger.  You could probably use like steak-umms or any thinly sliced steak

I was going to fry them quickly but thought hmmm might be tough as I've never had these before, but they were such a good deal, so...

Decided to simmer in a little beef broth-  3 or 4 cups or so.  Low sodium is good here.

Let it go for a while and heated about a quarter stick of butter in another skillet-  then added a red and a white thinly sliced onion.

Dev hates onions when they aren't like tiny diced and blended into the other food or I probably would have dumped them right in and missed out on the awesome caramelization.

Tested the meat- pretty good but thought hmmm... and added worcestershire sauce -  the last of the bottle - somewhere between a third and a quarter -  several very healthy glugs-  the human sized bottle, not the jumbo one from Sam's that I need to get soon.

Got busy fadiddling around and forgot to stir onions - OOPS but really, the extra browning on one side only enhanced them

Stirred meat, decided it would be better smaller so used a slotted dealio to take it out and really rough chop it up then dump it back into the reduced sauce

Split 6 Kaiser rolls, we had poppy seeds but any good quality rolls will work here and put very very very think coating of Hellmann's real mayo on both sides then divided the 8 oz sharp cheddar, shredded, among them, also on both sides

Broiled on low for 4 minutes then put meat and onions on the bottom then put the top on and dig in.

We talked about what might be good - peppers, mushrooms, hot sauce, Tony's, etc but honestly these were perfect not one other thing is needed

What did I hear besides ummmmmmmmmmm oh yum? and those other ecstatic little pleasure moans you will get with an excellent meal?   I heard oh wow, mom, you really outdid yourself with these, thank you.  Is there any better praise?

Happy mouth.  Happy tummy.


*Steak and Cheddar Sandwiches- Serves 6 
Very thinly sliced steak- 24 oz

Beef broth-  3 or 4 cups or so.  Low sodium is good here.

Worcestershire sauce -  1/4 to 1/2 cup

2 to 3 Tbsp of butter

Red and white onion, sliced pretty thin

Hellmann's real mayo-  very very little.

8 oz sharp cheddar cheese, shredded

6 Kaiser rolls, or any good quality rolls will work here

Heat broth and worcestershire over medium to low boil and add steak, separated and sliced into strips if desired

While broth reduces in another pan, caramelize onions

Split rolls and cover with a very thin layer of mayo and divide the cheddar equally among them.

Broil on low 4 minutes or until cheese is melted and buns are lightly browned

Put meat on buns, then onions.

Enjoy the perfection of this very simple sandwich.  OMG IT IS SO GOOD.
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