Our weekend so far- pinkeye, road trip, ACT and #HouseParty oh my!

Have a lot to post but between very slow weekend isp (yeah, one of the joys of living on the outskirts of town-  NOT) and this that and the other, so just a quickie so I don't fail with NaBloPoMo -  I can't even upload some pics I have to share, so I'll just tell you til it decides to let me do something again.

Hehe of course the upside-  it is NOT laziness that is causing me to not bother entering any giveaways or anything.  Way too frustrating when you get it all filled out and then hit an error saying you timed out- or the server is taking too long to respond.

The two littles took the ACT today, so fingers crossed there.

Blondie has a last minute road trip to Cali- basically driving Derek and his friend Mike to the E3 conference-  LUCKY HER!  and will be looking at apartments while she's there since they are moving for Derek's job.

She stopped by for a bit to wish her sister - Gamer Girlie aka Dawn happy birthday and pick up a really nice prize I won for her - a gift bag of TONS of Neutragena make-up and beauty products.  She was running low on a few things and really appreciated it.

Dogs got into something godawful stinky-  gross lake/dead animal smell.  Now, they smell all purdy and tropical with some deeeeeeeeeeelicious shampoo.

Ian has pink eye-  poor boy.  Nasty stuff.  But, he's (mostly) a trooper about the drops.

That's enough for now- getting ready to make some s'mores.  YUM!  We had some seriously awesome hot dogs courtesy of HouseParty-  Angus Beef Oscar Mayer hot dogs-  complete with weenie whistles.  OMG they were soooooo good grilled to that almost but not quite perfection you can only get over charcoal.

More tomorrow if I can get on-  Monday at the latest- and this week the Summer Bash is going to kick into high gear-  some great stuff lined up, so yay.  :D

How's your weekend going?   Doing anything special-  let us know we love both living vicariously and stealing your best ideas.  ;-)
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