Our Loonyverse has Gone to the birds

Please welcome the newest members of the Loonyverse! These little guys have moved into our mailbox. I moved the nest out about a dozen times when it was just Mama bird, but she kept moving it back. Stubborn thing. Now there are little birdlings... at least five of them! They cheep their hellos every time we get our mail... I just love them! We bought a new mailbox, and are currently trying to figure out a way to put it up so that our mail isn't sharing a home with the babies.

This weekend I'm hoping to find a nice bird feeder craft to do with Ian... baby birds need to eat every twenty minutes from sun up to sun down! Maybe I can make Mama's life easier with some food right next to her, though I do need to figure out -what- she is, and what she will eat. Anyone know from the chicks?

I hope to keep updating you on the birds progress, wish me luck figuring out the mailbox dilemma!

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