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Some of my favorite cookies have always been Mother's Cookies brand Circus Animal Cookies. You know, the pink and white frosted ones with sprinkles? They are amazing! I loved them as a little girl, we usually got a bag during our road trips (also known as moving) probably because it was a sweet that was not too messy! The frosting seems to keep it from crumbling, and the frosting doesn't melt too easily. They have other flavors as well, the frosted oatmeal is always a big hit, but nothing can ever beat the circus animals.

For a long time, we could not find them anywhere. We thought it was just because of where we live-- maybe they weren't available here. Very sad! But then it turned out, they had stopped selling them for a while. They are back now! They taste exactly as I remember, and my little boy loves them. He has to make sure he has an even number of pink and white, though!

If you have never tried them, you definitely need too. They are expanding where they are available, to the midwest- Kansas city and such, but if you can not find them you should order online here because they are amazing! Just don't eat a whole bag to yourself in one sitting, you will get a tummy ache....

"I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Mother’s Cookies and received two bags of cookies and a $20 Amazon gift certificate to facilitate my review.”
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