Mean Girls - bullying and sex- is this your kid? If you think it isn't it probably is.

I don't even know how to process this because I pretty much thought it was reserved for the movies, etc...

Sure, I figured it had some (slight) basis in fact, but really, you can't make this stuff up.

A little background...

I have the same kind of relationship with my girls that my mom has with me- best friend as well as parent, and totally supportive.

Now, if I think they are being stupid I say so flat out.  But.  I support their right to that stupidity with all I've got and once they have made a decision I'm in their corner.

Because of this relationship I am privvy to a lot of information that many kids hide from the adults in their lives.

In grade school Dev was in this certain group-  on the fringes, but definitely part- the popular kids.

In middle school, not so much, she felt shunned by those supposed besties.

Now, she has totally come into her own, realizing that the people who matter REALLY like her for who she is not what she wears or who she dates etc.

This week at field day one of those former besties, the one who thinks she's hot sh*t and a bag of chips and honestly truly believes she is better than everyone else started talking to her again and Dev being Dev was all oh I know when this girl started in on I can't believe how long it's been I've been so busy, we'll have to catch up blah blah instead of telling her you little b*tch you treated me like crap and now you want to be all buddy buddy?  Anyhoozles.

Another friend pulled Dev aside and filled her in.

Apparently former bestie and her two besties had a super uber exclusive club that they kept a notebook for-  with some seriously sick details in.  Now, they BRAGGED and made such a big deal of this notebook it was only a matter of time.  You see where I'm heading, right?

One of the trio accidentally left the book on a bench when they took the shuttle to the other campus and a friend of theirs not part of this trio got it and was going to give it back but the longer she had it the stronger the temptation until...

Naturally she finds horrible things about herself in the notebook- the nicest of which is that the trio hates her guts 90% of the time.  Much more about many others so in the way of such things it gets passed on to another and another.  Nothing good about anyone- not even the trio.  It has their sexual exploits including where and when one lost her virginity (in a group situation), how drunk they were getting before the SAT's, sex with adults and others, etc...  some of which is most definitely illegal.  I am not sure if the schools where you are have this policy, but here, that gossip / writing mean crap about other kids is considered bullying.

This book made the rounds apparently before making its way into the hands of a trusted teacher who by law had to turn it over to the vice principal.  I'm not sure what will happen to the trio, but, the repercussions so far are that pretty much no one will have anything to do with them, in fact there was a get together last night that quite a few kids said if any of the trio were going to be there they would not.  As it was with the trusted teacher she assured them that there was no chance any of them would be attending.

I hope they come down strongly on these girls, not just because of how wrong what they did was but because it will hopefully stop others from doing the same thing.  I would have thought they would at the very least be suspended or expelled but when I went to check Dev out after her last class today!  (Woot, school's out for summer) one of the trio's parents' was also checking her out.  What's up with that?

Regardless-  the point I am trying to make is that while I'm not sure about two of them, miss perfects parents think she's as perfect as she pretends she is.  My kid wouldn't have sex.  Or drink.  Or do other illegal things.  My kid is popular.  My kid has tons of friends and everyone likes (or wants to be) them.  Yeah.  Not so much.

Take a look at your kids, a good look.  Because former bestie was a delightful girl, happy, popular, pretty, and she really could have been what she tried to cram down others throats.  Now- she's lost it all and more.  Her stock has plummeted and she's poison.

Some people call that Karma-  I call it Law of Attraction in action- she is getting exactly how she was treating others.   Tenfold. 

And all the hurt she caused Dev-  does Dev delight in her suffering?  Does she shun her?  No, she does not.  She is and will continue to be a kind and generous soul who treats her kindly- after the gossip was passed to her she went back to sit with former bestie so she wouldn't be alone.  God, I love my kids.

I got the good kid, I got the good kid.  (Reveling in a Gilmore girls moment here!)  Don't you just hate those braggy parents?  Yeah, me too- so I won't add that my sweetie pie also received heaps of end of year honors and awards and certificates of achievement (just like her sisters before her) because that would just be sickening!


Back to the moral of the story-  well morals-

Unless you accept your kid, flaws and all, and support them regardless, you probably don't know them near as well as you think you do.


Never, ever, ever put in writing what you don't want the whole world to know cuz it will come back to bite you in the ass.  Every time.

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