Keeping your pets healthy and happy in the heat

Our dogs are members of our family-  and Dude and Groucho are Ian's best friends, so they are inside dogs.

Most of these are common sense and years of experience.  You can find more tips from the ASPCA and the Humane Society.

Keep your pets well hydrated-  whether inside pets or outside, make sure your pets have plenty of cool fresh water at all times.

When it is really hot out, bring them inside-  even if you don't normally allow them the run of the house have at least a small area to bring them in when it is unbearable-  the 100 + degree temps are brutal to your fur wearing friends and even in the shade- the only way they can help themselves is panting and through the pads of their feet and sometimes it's just not enough.

If you walk your dogs, try to keep it during the cooler early morning or evening hours, and if you take them to a park or something, bring fresh water and a collapsible bowl (or let them drink from the bottles- ours like to do that).

 Keep your pets inside when the fireworks are going off outside- not only are many animals afraid of the noises, some of the materials are toxic to them so if you live in an area that you can set off your own, make sure the area is well cleaned up before letting your pets back out where they were lit.

When traveling with pets, make sure they are secured in the vehicle-  for their safety if there is an accident as well as for making sure they don't make a run for it in an unfamiliar area.  Homeward Bound was cute but do you really think your pets could find their way home?  Yeah, I'm not willing to risk it either.

If you plan on being on the road overnight, scope out pet friendly hotels ahead of time-  NEVER leave your animals unattended in a vehicle in the summer- it's a lot hotter inside a car or truck than outside and very easy for pets to get overheated to the point of heat exhaustion, brain damage or even death.

Practice water safety, same as you would with kids-  contrary to popular belief not all dogs are good swimmers.

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