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It's been a day, so didn't get to most of what I wanted to do, but there's always tomorrow.

Taking the easy way out and doing the prompt for NaBloPoMo:  What's the one food you feel like you couldn't live without? What's the one food you'd rather die than put in your mouth?

Oh we've been eating so good lately-  I love variety in my foods, but I guess if I had to pick one that I couldn't live without it would be pasta.  I think I could eat pasta most every meal and not get tired of it.

I would rather die than eat anything that Surviror Man dude eats.  Ken watches it, seriously- we have a competition going as to who can pick the worst tv show.  It's how we bond as a family, what can I say-  how many people can say they are closer because they watch crap tv.

Seriously the guy drinks his pee, roasts rats or some verminy crap on sticks, crap like that.  As Dev would say, that's d'nasty!

We've talked about it and the mini diva and I are the most squeamish so everyone knows we will die unless there are like tons of fruits, berries and the like to live on so they might as well kill us and have us to eat so they don't have to eat anything really gross (no, we wouldn't be able to eat them so playing pick a straw as to who dies wouldn't win-  me and mini me would be goners so the others might as well have a chance.  

What?  You think I should file this under "she's not quite right" too?  Don't all families make contingency plans for if they get stranded somewhere they have no intention of going? 
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