GeekyMommy Vs. The Grill, take one

So, we got a grill the other day. Grills are often classified as outsidish boy things, but I'm here to prove them wrong! ...I hope.

The grill... has a learning curve. Or maybe I should just read some directions, but we will go with the first. It is charcoal, of course, which makes a much better flavor, and we have a chimney which makes lighting MUCH easier.

The part I'm learning is how much to open the vents and how long to cook it for... preferably without burning things.

So far I've cooked steaks, which went from raw middles to well overdone over the course of five minutes, hot dogs with toasted buns, MOST of those came out fun but due to a flare-up some of my buns... were well done, and foil packs of chicken and veggies-- we had citrus with potatoes, and general tso's with yellow squash, zucchini, red peppers and onions, and extra packs of both veggies of course!

How do you figure out how much the vents should be open? What are the best recipes to learn with?

I want to know all your favorite grill foods! My friend is giving me a grilled pizza recipe to try next weekend-- wish me luck!
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