WW Meet the newest addition to our family. Link up here.

Please excuse the blurriness- this was taken on Dev's phone from work when she bought him.  Yes, it IS a suit of armor.  Yes, he's now residing in our home (in my room until she has a space cleared for him in her room- between end of year school stuff, work and the bf she stays uber busy).  Yes, we are hoping Fred (our poltergeist) inhabits him, although he can't clank around it would be pretty cool if he raised and lowered the mouth thingie dealio.  Yes, she did spend her own hard earned money on him and plans to keep him forever.

His name, you ask?  Good question.  Something to the effect of Archibald Reginald *insert some random names here* the third but you can call him Archie also known as Dev's new bestie or bff.

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