Menu for week of 5/10 - 5/16

You'll notice we have a lot of easy meals going on-  actually while we love to cook and bake when we're in the mood, a lot of what we make is the easy version - why not, right?  If your schedules are anything like ours there is always so much busy-ness and running around and different schedules it makes sense for us.  Do you have any super-simple meals for busy weeks?  Share please.

Slow cooker country style ribs, southern style new potatoes and green beans, coleslaw

Breakfast for dinner-  breakfast sandwiches-  egg and cheese on english muffins, strawberries

Cheesy chicken breasts, broccoli, mandarin oranges

Spaghetti and meatballs, pineapple salad, garlic bread 

Polynesian style stir fry- probably with just veggies, might add chicken, brown rice

Smoked sausage, alfredo noodles or shells and cheese, sesame green beans

Slow cooker beef stew, some type of hot bread or rolls

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