Learning to write

My handwriting is... horrible. At best. Sadly, it's better then my sisters. Don't know why, just is.

What does a girl with completely terrible hand writing do?

Take up calligraphy!

It's actually going fairly well... my regular penmanship is almost legible, and if you give me two minutes I can squiggle you a very impressive, swirly "A".

Ian was watching me work on my calligraphy, and told me he wanted to "make letters too".

So, out comes his Very Own Special Notebook. It's green, his faaaavorite color. I made dotted lines in the shape of his name, helped him grip his pen (a little tricky, he seems to be left handed and I almost forgot to show him how to hold his pen AND see the page, simultaneously) and guided his hand down the letters. We did this about... five or six times. He of course is Mr. Independent and didn't want my help... "No mommy I neeeeed you! No I can do it! Mommy I can't the pen slipped! No mommy I got it!"

Overall, he did a very good job, and he was so proud, even more then when he drew GiGi a picture of the wind for her birthday! (and that was a very, VERY proud moment).

So when we have to go shopping, I stop by the workbooks. I found a Kumon one on capital letters and decided to give it a try. Ian is doing SO amazingly! He got T and H pretty much down pat! And the best part, this is what he -wants- to do! He loves making letters just like mommy.
I'm looking for more things to keep this interesting now. I've checked out The Kids Toy Store for some artsy stuff... I know they have the best prices on Kids Toys like Melissa and Doug ($20 for band in a box dude).

I especially love the selection of Educational Kids Toys.  They have an awesome paper roller, and a wicked cool art desk that costs waaay too much for a random gift, but might make it under the Christmas tree next year (hint hint guys, creation art station. Save now maybe we can get it!) sadly nothing on tracing. Mostly, I was just distracted by that desk...

But really who wouldn't be?

So how did you guys teach your kids to write? And given the family history of bad penmanship... should I skip him straight to Calligraphy? XD

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