If the Universe is my sugar daddy...

Why the heck is it so hard to get what I want?

As most of our readers know, I believe in the Law of Attraction and specifically, Abrahan-Hicks puts it in a way that really resonates with me.

So where does the sugar daddy bit come in?

Well, think about it-  you are supposed to put things in a context that you relate to.

Now, I've not had a sugar daddy although in my younger adorable days I did have offers but naturally I chose to do things my own way on my own terms, aka diving in without checking to see if there is water.  Some call it doing everything the hard way.  (And in case you are wondering it is a LOT harder to watch your kids do this than to do it yourself.)

Anyhoozles, to me LOA is pretty simple- not easy, but simple.

You ask.

Universe answers (it's always yes- always, so be darned careful what you ask for), so in true loony fashion, U becomes my Sugar Daddy.

Now here's where we lose a lot of folks- They say I have been asking and asking to win the lottery and it hasn't happened yet  (ME TOO!!!  MY TURN!!!) but unlike a lot of people I know it is because while my mouth and mind say yes, yes, I will win, I'm ready for my gazillions to come rolling in, etc... my juju vibes are saying why should you win?  What makes you think you don't have to work hard for what you want in life?  Why should you have more than Joe Blow from Idaho?  and on and on.

We have years, sometimes decades of bullsh*t to overcome.  As Dev says: for serious.  Really, from the time we're little we hear no, you have to share, no that's so and so's, no that's not fair, who do you think you are?  You will never amount to anything unless you work hard and follow these steps and ......  yeah, right?

So anyhoo while I am not there (yet) I can feel it coming closer and closer and really the vast majority of my life is spent exactly how I want it to be (so who am I to want more?) STF Up already, inner demon baitch from inferiority land.

So, to make it live for me here's my NEW dialogue.

Me: Sugah Daddy, I am ready for a road trip.  I want me a wicked cool Silver Jeep Wrangler Rubicon with the most awesome sound system available.  And unlimited Itunes so I have playlists to match every mood and madness.
Universe:  Okay gorgeous- you want it you got it.  (Yeah, so the U thinks I am wicked awesome- your inner God/dess thinks the same about you if you just let them have their say, promise.)
Me: Thanks, Dude, really, I so appreciate it.

The third part of the equation is the allowing.  Here's where we screw up (I use the royal we here, meaning this is my biggie).

Inner demon baitch tries to do her thing, I say don't listen, don't listen, don't listen, and the U reminds me it is like ordering a burger then changing my mind 200 times while everyone around me enjoys their burgers exactly how they wanted them- this one rare, that one with pickles, that one with cheese, that one veggie only etc...

The great thing about all this is I know it is mine, and I know 1000 percent I am the only thing stopping me from having every single desire fulfilled.

So.  Enough already.  I'm making it publicly known that I am ready, willing and able to quit f*cking around and denying myself the things that will bring me joy. 

Best part-  I get to have what I want simply because I exist.

I don't have to deserve it.

I don't have to earn it.

I don't have to pay for it.

I am not taking anything away from anyone else by allowing myself that which I want to experience.

When I get tired of it I can pass it on to someone else or ditch it or let it glide on out of my life.


you'll love this...

I don't have to sleep with some creepy old dude or be at anyone's beck and call cuz the Universal Sugar Daddy doesn't work that way- he's just there to say yes and make sure I get what I want in the most efficient way possible.


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