GeekyMommy Vs. Atheleticism

I am about to attempt something I have never tried before.
And just to be sure, I am trying it twice.

Athleticism. Never my strong suit. Sure I can run, and love swimming, but sports? No thanks. I do not have depth perception, so anything that involves aim just does not work for me.

But, at my friends encouragement *cough cough incessant persistence cough cough* I decided to give it a try. Then another friend said I have to try his sport, too.

So what sport does a girl with no athletic ability try? Rugby. Yep. Peace lovin' tree huggin, trip over my own feet GeekyMommy is trying one of the most violent, least padded sports ever. But its a RANDOM sport, not something everyone does, so I decided if I'm going for a sport at least its unique.

The second sport is Kickball. I asked my mom how one plays kickball... "well, you stand at home, someone throws you the ball, you try to kick it, miss, and fall on your ass".
Thanks Ma, love you too.

Well, wish me luck. I will have stories of my attempt as soon as I am recovered from whatever happens, or else mom will update ya'll with funeral plans =P
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