And the bad parenting award goes to...

It's been a while since I tattled on myself, so it's about time.

Y'all know I horrified the tech and nurses when they did the ultrasound and told me Kyra (geeky mommy) was a boy and I told them put it back, I don't want it etc... and made bargains with both God and the devil because hey, I knew girls, I was one... boys not so much.

Yes, I did get over that thanks to the love of my life aka Ian.  But when his mama was cooking, not so much.

That's not the bad part though.  This should probably be filed under- we always knew she's not quite right. *grin*

I did not get that trippy dippy cloud of euphoria (and not just because I had a natural no drug delivery) that new moms get.

The one that completely blinds them to the fact that their kids are NOT the cutest thing in God's creation.

Sadly, I saw my daughter exactly how she was-  a cross between ET and Yoda.  Only more wrinkled and squinkled and red and .....  what is it Mary Poppins says...  not at all attractive to my way of thinking.  Unless of course she was like one of those puppies we once had who was so ugly he was cute.

Now in her defense, she was a month and a half early, weighed 3 and a half pounds and was perfect in every way that mattered.   And I loved her, never doubt that I loved her with every fiber of my being.

But honestly, if you have a preemie who is not done cooking- well, they don't look their best.  By the time she was supposed to have been born she was the cutest little thing.  But in the interim-  no one could convince me that she was adorable no matter how those poor NICU nurses tried.

When people came and saw her and were all ooh so cute I was all ooh you liar.  Seriously.

Put this 
with this.

Do y'all see your kids as lovely perfect beings or are you not quite right as well?
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