Your 'tude determines your mood- you get to choose.

Last weekend was a lesson in Law of Attraction; specifically, how your attitude determines your mood, and it is not one I'll soon forget.

We had several plans, and a bunch of little things fell through, nothing earthshakingly major, but enough that if I was at a different point in my life could have ruined my weekend.

Luckily, we had set the intention to have a wonderful, wonder-filled weekend and so we did.  Abraham (Abraham-Hicks) calls this pre-paving, and here's a great quote:

"Before drifting off to sleep, we would set forth a thought, which is what we call prepaving, of pleasant anticipation of tomorrow."

 It started with a less than pleasant encounter with Ian's grandfather on the other side of his family (isn't it great when people for no reason other than you are no longer bound by marriage decide you and your family are the devil(s) incarnate?)  Joy, joy.

But instead of dwelling on it, or how they are trying to bully Kyra, or lying to her and accusing her of things that just aren't true and never were- what is it they say- you project onto others your own feelings and actions and what you would do so assume they would do the same?  something like that, anyways, we were able to laugh it off and pity them and shake off the ugly that comes with that type of thing.

Just a side note- what makes it even sadder is that he *claims* to be spiritual, is into Abraham-Hicks, has attended at least one workshop and KNOWS BETTER than to focus on the negative, but I digress.

We went to Larry's Pizza for the pizza parade, and instead of the party/parade atmosphere it was more bored waitstaff walking around offering pizza.  Still, we laughed Auntie Dodo and Auntie Devii played games with him and took pics and whooped it up and had a great time.

Then we went to Shake's for really truly excellent ice cream (actually, they use custard and it was delicious; well, what little I got to eat as Ian decided he much preferred Gigi's hot fudge and ate most of mine as well as his own.  Hehe little turkey.  He wanted to eat there instead of bringing it home, and between eating his ice cream and hogging mine, he and Auntie Dev amused passerby with their fun rendition of "baby  shark".  (We'll be getting a video up of that within the next few weeks- it is truly adorable and if you don't know it you, and your kids especially, will love it.)

As you might recall we had plans for Saturday to take him to the Thomas Playdate at Toys R Us.  I don't want to dwell on the negative here, but...  it was nothing like what was advertised or expected.

First we dropped Auntie Dev off at work for a staff meeting, while we headed to Target a few doors down, specifically, to Starbucks for our Java Juice to feed the old habit.  I decided to try something new and got the caramel frapaccino and I have to say-  ewwwwwwww.  I don't believe I've ever had caramel anything I didn't like but it had a nasty aftertaste.  I was going to just buy my fave - the java chip, but the sweet worker said no no we'll make you something you like- gotta love a company that stands by their product and if you don't care for it will find something you like. 

She told us they changed the recipe/formula so made a short one to try since she knew it was my regular and so Ian got a little *Ian sized* cup of his own with a baby straw and he felt so special and important.  (Yes, I took a quick taste and yes, still YUMMYLICIOUS!

So after the geekazoid gets out of her meeting we head to Maumelle to pick up her boyfriend and then into Little Rock to Toys R us.  We were starving by then and running a bit late so just grabbed a quick lunch from McD's-  umm yeah, the good part was that they had the new Dora movie that Ian wanted to see in the Redbox.

We get to Toys R Us just a bit late-  it is the smallest Toys R Us I've ever been to, not the big warehouse I am used to at all.  (There are 3 in Little Rock, so that isn't the part that failed.)

There was a worker setting up a folding table-  we asked where the Thomas Playdate was- yeah, that was it.  Nope, our guess that it was spread throughout the store was wrong- that was it.

So, while she was setting up we went to find the Thomas Mega Block set that we had a $5 off coupon for.  We went by the block sets- nope, not there.  By the Thomas merchandise, nope, not there.  Using her superior hunting skills Ki tracked it down, but not where we expected to find it.

We go back to see how the display was coming along-  here is what we found-  a Thomas tablecloth (cute) a stack of *conductor crowns* reminiscent of the BK crown only white with black outline, apparently meant to be colored in.  A stack of coloring sheets (all the same type) and several of the 4 packs of crayons like the restaurants give you- nothing special about them at all.  5 or 6 engines out of their boxes for the kids to play with.  A portable cd player playing the theme song in the background VERY low.  A small plastic bag that had a fold up poster that we later found out had a handful of stickers to put in the right places (which I do have one complaint about- these are intended for 3 years old- I really wish they would have been movable, but once they were down they ripped if you tried to move it no matter how carefully and maybe your child has excellent coordination with little objects but Ian is still working on that and it upset him some that he couldn't *fix* it).

There was no room for the kids to color or do any activities, and some of the more aggressive children were taking the toy trains right out of other kids hands- naturally there was a meltdown.

The saddest thing of all-  I get that things happen, and perhaps they were shorthanded, but to hear an employee say... and I quote...  "Who knew Thomas was so popular?"  HELLO- you work in a toy store and the event is being hyped on the www and you don't even know Thomas is like God to kids...  umm just wow.  Maybe a toystore catering to kids is not the best career for you at this time.

Regardless, we buy the blocks and a reusable panda shopping bag for Ian to carry it in and promise him he can play with the trains at Barnes and Noble in the same shopping center, so he's not even too bummed out.  (For future reference, we'll try NOT to hype up things too much to him as it is super disappointing to a child when we made such a big deal out of the playdate.)

So what happens?  Barnes and Noble has removed the train table and there are NO TOYS except those for sale, nothing for the kids to do but buy a book or a toy.  I have to say Ian was a trooper, and didn't have  fit or anything.  We were sooooo proud of him for making the best of things.

We decide to take Ian to Hastings after dropping Dev and Dustin at the Dixie Cafe (yes, they have blue ice cream- yum) so he could  play with the smaller but still fun train table there.  He also found a Dora giant coloring book with 100 stickers so he was happy.

Ian wanted to go home so he could play with his blocks so instead of saying oh the traffic is a killer with it being prom weekend we just did back roads and Ian and Gigi went to play with grandpa and left it for Kyra to chauffer the couple around.  Definitely a wise choice.  ;-)  My boy is so smart!

Now, none of these things is a huge hairy deal, but there were definitely times in my life that they would have been and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, with Law of Attraction being non-partisan and working perfectly every time our weekend would have been a series of disaster after disaster.   That which is like unto itself is drawn.  I am so glad we were determined to have a great weekend and make the best of things. 

To top it off we lost the camera somewhere along the way, but still, we consider the weekend a resounding success, even though my status has been "whipped by a 3 year old" after 3 hours of kite flying and running around and a picnic at the park on Sunday.

Try it sometime-  set your intention and pre-pave a fabulous day or week and let me know how it goes-  I'm willing to bet that you'll find that like us, it is your attitude that determines the success or lack thereof.

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