How To Train Your Dragon: AAAW! :3

How To Train Your Dragon is well-made, family-friendly, and most importantly, COMPLETELY adorable.

I haven't read the book yet, but Kiki's reading it now and says that it's absolutely nothing like the movie--the plot isn't very similar at all. For that reason, I'm glad I watched the movie first, so there's no disappointment factor.

Despite being untrue to the original story, the movie was really great. Who can resist a dragon with great, big, round eyes?

There was a lot of laughter and "aww"ing and squealing in delight. Toward the end, though, I was at the edge of my seat, almost ready to cry, dying to know what would happen next. It's something that both Ian and Mom enjoyed, as well as my sisters and I, so it's great for the whole family. You know how some kids' movies make the grown-ups want to cringe? Not like that at all. And I brought my boyfriend, who thoroughly enjoyed it as well, so it even works for a date movie (if, like me, you actually enjoy watching the movie rather than sucking face, which is icky to do in public).

And if, as a parent, you like to show your kids movies with good moral lessons, it has one of those as well. It's all about not judging books by their covers, and being who and what you want to be--even if it goes against the crowd.

Plus--have I said this already?--it's ADORABLE. You really have to go see it.
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