Getting ready for Easter - Peep Wreath - aka the hunt for the elusive peeps.

So we're kind of busy getting ready for Easter but taking a break while Kyra and Ian take Devii to her boyfriend's house and hunt down the elusive Peeps.

Okay so-  you know how there are peeps EVERY dang where-  well NOT now that we need more for a craft project.  (Just so you know it probably serves my sorry butt right-  the ONLY thing I think they are good for is blowing up in the microwave) well until now-  we're using a styrafoam wreath form and toothpicks and helping Ian make a Peep Wreath-  great project for a 3 year old, right.

So far 4 boxes and only the top of the thing is covered (we started last evening, figuring while Gigi and grandpa go out to get a few groceries this morning we could pick up more, right?  WRONG!) 

Apparently there is a mad run on Peeps in Conway and Mayflower so Ki and Ian are going to check out Maumelle because we stopped at 3 supermarkets and 2 general stores and NO PEEPS.  Anyhoo, had Ken cracking up because I was going a little psycho saying they must be hunted down like rabid dogs.   Mostly he thinks this is funny because he gets to go to work tonight (Yay, overtime) while we are on the hunt-   I mean, c'mon don't make me hunt down the Easter Bunny to finish making a 3 year old's craft project, for crying out loud.

Anyways here's what we are doing this Easter weekend-  hopefully finishing up Ian's Peep wreath.

Making some cupcakes/cakes/desserts and letting Ian decorate the egg shaped cupcakes to take up to gram's (Ken's mom's) tomorrow- they will be awful but everyone will love them. ;-)

Getting some veggies ready to make a nice tray to take with us tomorrow so all we'll have to do is arrange them.

Boiling up the eggs so they are ready to dye when we get home.

Going to see How To Train Your Dragon-  all the diva's and Ian, Derek and Dustin (blondie's fiance, Dev's boyfriend) , courtesy of Ken who is paying but has no choice but to work tonight so... thanks hon.

Making a simple dinner then coloring the eggs while we listen to -  Puttin' On The Ritz & I'm Too Sexy- for some reason these songs are ALWAYS  playing when we dye eggs.

Putting together a creme brulee french toast (or some type of casserole that we'll just have to pop in fridge in the morning).

Leaving out a plate of carrots for the Easter Bunny- or EB as he likes to be called, then getting an overexcited 3 year old to bed.

Helping the bunny out and putting together baskets (yes, the grown divas MUST have baskets) or wagon and outside toys as the case may be- and of course it will take forever because SOME PEOPLE named Gigi and Grandpa Ken went way overboard but shhhhh it's okay.

Getting maybe a couple hours sleep before the alarm goes off to once more help the bunny by hiding the eggs we died for Ian to hunt.

Doing the hunt thing here then plating up the veggies and dips, making the deviled eggs (which Ken will peel because again some people named Gigi has no patience and they kind of are all smooshy and cracked if she does them) and getting everything else ready to go up to grams house.

Having the whole big family dealio up at Ken's mom's house-  with a much larger scale egg hunt for all the little ones. 

Remembering to count our blessings and be thankful for this awesome life we have.

Happy Easter (or passover, or whatever you celebrate) to you and yours.

The Dddivas 
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