Dear Starbucks, you let me down.

So, it's no secret we love Starbucks and our current addiction is the Java Chip frap extra chocolate.

There are several Starbucks in town, so I'm pretty much covered when I have to go out.

It is also no secret that I frequent Target.  A lot.  So, the Starbucks in our Target up @ Conway Commons gets a great deal of our business-  pretty much every time we need to get something at Target we get one either on the way in or out-  sometimes (a lot of times) both.

So...  we know a lot of the employees.  Yesterday there was a new one.

BAD business, that.  Oh, I'm glad you're hiring new workers and I'm sure she'll be fine, but...

We were celebrating Dev's first full day on the job (she works a few doors down-  how lucky is that?) so of course had to run in and grab our java junkie juice on our way home-  nothing else, just heaven in a cup.

Here's the beef-  chips still in big chunks.  Ice still in big chunks.  Huge gaping holes- you had to keep moving the straw to get anything at all.  It was like someone poured coffee over crushed ice and tossed in a handful of mini chips.

Almost impossible to drink, and none of the frozen creamy goodness we look forward to.  Now others may like it but I find iced coffee gross and that's pretty much what it was like (with chocolate added of course).

Please, please don't leave the trainees alone until you know for sure they know how to fix a drink-  especially a frap.  Had we not been driving and had other things to do it wouldn't have been that big of a deal to get reblended, but let's be real.  A great many Starbucks customers grab and go and can't take it back if it fails.

So anyways-  thanks for the almost perfect record, but again-  please, please make sure your employees are trained properly-  seriously, had she taken 10 more seconds with the blender it would have been fine.
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