Spring Break & what we've been up to lately

It is gorgeous here, which of course gave us the gardening bug so geeky mommy has started a bunch of stuff inside- we'll see whether we move it out or not.  We're thinking of getting grow lights so we can have at least lettuce and herbs year round.  Greenhouse just isn't happening unless we miraculously acquire one- hehe maybe I can win one.

Speaking of wins- that is going REALLY well for me this year so far...  and yeah, I'll update- eventually- probably- maybe.  Sorry I'm at that - my blood is getting low, but not low enough for insurance to pay to give me more so we play the stupid games and I get tired pretty easily.  Meh.  Feeling great, just get worn out.

Back to gorgeous- park weather!  So the adorable redhead running after his mommy calling father- and her answering Pistachio-  yeah, that's Ian and Ki.  We can't be the only ones playing the Veggie Tales version of Pinnocchio, can we?  Ian's learning to skate with his Cars skates- and dude-  do y'all have 3 year olds with GIGANTIC feet-  seriously the skates fit him now but next size up they won't.  PITIFUL.

Blondie is making the rest of us uber jealous-  she went to Panama City Beach for spring break.  We lived there for a while and let's just say when she texts you guys we really need to move back-  there's not one of us who wouldn't go in a heartbeat.

Ki also has a new job-  she's soldering-  didn't anyone warn them she should not be left alone near anything that remotely resembles fire?  ;-)

Actually none of the girls are working at Wal Mart any more and I won't really get into it except to say-  we're glad to be out of there-  and now when people b*tch about how they treat their employees- we know why.  Plus the shortcuts they take-  it's disgraceful to say the least.  And that's all I've got to say on that.  Well, I could write a novel but I won't. 

Dev is busy busy busy- in the musical, getting ready for tests, school, social life, checking out colleges and needing to go go go all the time.

Dawn will be moving to Hong Kong- not sure of the dates yet, but once things get worked out she and Dan plan to set up a base there, at least for now.

Latest addictions- 

Starbucks Java Chip Frap-  yeah, it's getting warm again so if we're anywhere in the vicinity the girls and I talk each other into it's not bad to spend money when you get so much enjoyment from something.

Lean Cuisine Butternut Squash Ravioli-  this is something I would expect to get eating out.  YUM!!!

Kroger- yeah yeah I know it's my fave grocery store here in Conway but lately  my favorite one on Oak St has been revamped-  the divas get fresh sushi-  and the guy is awesome-  yes, I've had him make the girls special ones already. ;-)  Oh and they have some fresh organic hummus in lunch size containers for Ki- that's her addiction.  Especially when I can get them marked down for half price.

Plus, they have had a LOT of really great deals lately-  my fridge, freezers and pantry are stuffed to the gills and still what do I do-  look at my email and see what's on sale this week and tell everyone- find more room!  I must get the deals.

Alice In Wonderland-  yeah, Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, we're already going to be fans but while the 3d was not spectacular- the consensus among the divas-  BEST. MOVIE. EVER.

The Princess and the Frog-  I don't know if it is because we lived in Louisiana or what, but we really got a kick out of this.  While there *may* be some slight exaggeration, for the most part- we knew people like that!

All of our winners but one have gotten back to us so I'll try emailing again- if I don't hear back we'll choose another-  that's all I can do.

What is going on with y'all??? 

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