Opinions Wanted - what would you do? Bloggers, Review / Giveaway preferences

So I've been putting some effort into entering giveaways and contests lately-  ya- like everything else got a little lazy with it.  And the world didn't come to an end.  Imagine that.  *grin*

Ugh is all I have to say.  I've had some wins, and yes I will eventually update-  probably- but for now, I'm kind of bummed again.

In some ways I think I sort of have a unique viewpoint coming into the game the way I did- as someone who enters contests, sweepstakes and giveaways first, then later getting into the review and giveaway aspect of things.  So, you can trust me to tell you when something smells rotten in Denmark as they say.  YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) but for the most part, there are a few sponsors and bloggers who are taking advantage of you (and by that I mean those of us who enter the giveaways) or  they are trying to, in my not so humble opinion.

For a mandatory entry- you have to blog about the giveaway with links back to the blog and the sponsor.  And not just a blurb, but a separate post.  And it has to be a certain length.  Okay, let's break this down shall we.  Blogger hosting the giveaway gets free product and / or monetary compensation and / or traffic to their blog for hosting the giveaway.  Hosting blogger also gets traffic from every blogger who posts as well as an extra link to their giveaway.  Good for hosting blogger.  Company gets traffic from hosting blogger and from each blogger as well.  Lots of PR, very little money-  usually just a couple of products which we all know-  not very expensive for company.  Good for company.

Blogger trying to win-  well, not so good.  Sure you get a shot at winning-  1 in hundreds or 1 in thousands.  I don't have a problem with extra entries, in fact there is a page on my site you can go to if you want them for most of the giveaways I host, but for the main one-  yeah, I do have a problem when you are making it mandatory I do your work for you.  Especially when you say I can't use your words-  umm hello you want me to pitch a product I never received and use my hard won traffic ranking and link you and your sponsor to up your traffic & ranking for a one in thousands chance that maybe just maybe I'll get lucky this time?  Why on earth would I want to do pretty much what you are doing minus the benefits?  You got compensation but I only *might* win against at least hundreds but most likely thousands of other entrants?  Yeah, that's fair.

I'm not dissing review & giveaway bloggers, heck, at times we are both, but there are opportunities I turn down because it just doesn't feel right.  And while say winning a mattress or higher end vacuum would be nice- I don't think that it is right to make it mandatory that I post you on my front page where my readers have no choice but to see-  some of my traffic is certainly for the giveaways, but much is not.  I don't have a problem if I REALLY want a prize posting a blurb about your giveaway and links to both you and your sponsor on my giveaways around the blogosphere page, but I really don't think it is fair to ask for or expect a feature which is what a LOT of blogs are now wanting-  and not always for high dollar prizes, I've seen it for a $25 GC as well.

If a company wants to give me a mattress set, I'm all about splashing you all over my social networks and promoting the heck out of you, and I will offer extra entries to others if they'd like extra chances but I won't say you can't enter if you don't have a blog with a certain number of readers or a twitter account with x number of followers or link my giveaway to your FB account, etc..  Those are great for BONUS entries, and really, I don't have a problem with that or any other hoops that I can choose to jump through or not, but the key word there is choose.

Another trend is having many many many bloggers post the same giveaway for a paltry number of prizes to be chosen among all blogs and the chance that the blog hosts could win one fairly decent prize.  We're talking about the blogs getting to offer readers a chance to win a $20 to $50 prize here, not like the major appliances from a while back, and maybe 10 winners will be chosen from ALL the blogs-  so that could literally be hundreds of blogs and only a handful of winners- and then one of those bloggers will win a few hundred dollars-  now the blog chosen could either be random or the most entrants (which let's face it- there are only a handful who are not wasting their time if that is the case).  Only one I see winning here is the company.

I know I have the choice to host or not, to enter or not, but I am genuinely curious as to whether this strikes anyone else as extremely unbalanced or do you just think- oh smart business going as cheap as you can with the adverstising?

I am at the point where I am seriously considering starting a blog strictly to post giveaways that I want extra entries for-  honestly I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a decent mattress, I haven't slept well in forever as mine is ancient and I am stiff and sore all the damn time, but I don't want this blog to be all about other peoples content and giveaways.  I'm all for sharing the love, but we're divas here, not gonna give y'all top billing.  Just isn't gonna happen. ;-)  

Oh- sorry, back on track- so that's my thinking-  starting a new blog-  which will get no time or anything at all it will strictly be for the extra entries- so no traffic, no page rank, no followers, but I won't mind giving you a blurb.  Would you rather I did that- and you got a whole post dedicated to your giveaway, albeit one no one would ever see, or would it be better to have a blurb on my giveaway page- where people who actually give a crap about entering do go and look?
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