Mommy Magic: Defying the weatherman, one snow day at a time.

The other day, the weather man said our town was going to get somewhere between a dusting and two inches of snow. In true Dddiva fashion, Mom immediately began chanting, "Mommy magic! Mommy magic! Make it a snow day!"

We ended up getting six and a half inches of snow, and three days off school--paired with the "mental health day" I took on Friday, that's a six-day weekend. I used it to catch up on all the important things... sleeping, reading bad romance novels, and most importantly of all, being lazy. Y'know, life's little essentials.

Along with controlling the weather, Mommy Magic also has the power to break jinxes, settle not-my-turn disputes, and override dibs. I don't know if Mommy Magic is something that comes with being a mother or unique to my own, but I strongly recommend you try exercising yours. To use, just shout "MOMMY MAGIC!" and say the desired outcome.
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