MilkDot lunch tote review

An embarrassingly long while ago, we received a lovely MilkDot lunchbox to review. The one we got is Cotton Candy Pink + Chocolate, a lovely combo, and they also have Robins Egg Blue and chocolate, very lovely as well. It is fairly spacious, not the biggest lunchbox but it easily fits a sandwich, chips, drink, yogurt and dessert, with little pouches for a cold pack, silverware, napkin etc.

It also has a little button/tag where you can put a name or picture so everyone knows its yours, or you can tuck it in the front pocket so they DON'T know its yours and your home made cookies will be safe! (a problem I had around Christmas, though more so with fudge haha!) It is well insulated... Okay... the inside is all silvery, so it can double as a tin foil hat, only with a much more fashionable outside! (yeah, I'm a goober, the first thing I do with a new lunchbox is put it on my head. I wear everything =P Life is more fun my way.)

The other really handy thing? It folds flat. Yep, flattens out, so when I'm done with lunch and need to squeeze it into my smaller then a shoebox locker with my purse and such.

As you know, we're trying to do our part by using less packaging and Milkdot helps us do it stylishly.

We received a product so that we could do a review and no other compensation.   The opinions are ours and were in no way influenced by the receipt of this product.
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