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With all this snow we've had, melting away, you can bet we have had plenty of something else, too. Mud puddles. Well, lucky for us we received some Kidorable Froggy Rain boots to review. These things are ADORABLE!

Shortly after we received the boots when we were in Target we saw some similar (copycat) frog boots but they were... okay. Cute, nothing special, with kinda creepy eyes. The Kidorable ones are just FUN and awesome and you can really see a difference in the quality.

And, what is better for puddle jumping then frogs, really? They seem comfy, Ian sure doesn't complain, and his feet stay warm and dry. They seem sturdy, and are easy to wipe clean, and don't have that funky rubber smell, all good points.  Very very good points as mom gets gaggy with that funky smell and lets EVERYONE know- especially if we are shopping and we get an unpleasant whiff. 

We also received a Froggy rain coat, but instead of a 5 they sent the 18 month old size so it is going to my goddaughter, Miss Lexxi, next time we visit her. She likes frogs and just had a birthday, so it works well, and I will let you know how it holds up after she has worn it a time or two.  We did take it out of the packaging to inspect and it is really, really cute.

Now the good news-  Kidorable has generously offered to send one of our readers an umbrella of their choice.

THE GIVEAWAY: 1 lucky reader will win the umbrella of their choice from Kidorable.  Open to USresidents 18+ ends 3/1 at 11:59pm CST.

Main Entry:  Daily-  Head on over to Kidorable and tell me your favorite item.   This only needs to be done the first day- for subsequent daily entry just put something like today's entry.

Bonus Entries-   
Fan Kidorable on Facebook and leave me your name (first name and initial is fine).
Follow Kidorable on Twitter and leave me your nickname.
Tweet the giveaway with a link back here - can be done up to 3x daily - wait at least one hour between tweets.
Sample tweet- can cut &  paste:  Win the umbrella of your choice from Kidorable @dddiva #giveaway ends 3/1
Want more?  The main entry is all you need for a chance to win, but you can find out how to get additional entries into our giveaways here.
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