What is it they say about good intentions- yeah I'm speeding rapidly towards h*ll

Ugh.  So our weekend sucked.  Aside from freezing half to death and the central heat not working-  luckily we have space heaters-  which we used on frozen pipes which unfortunately when they thawed out burst.  We were supposed to get the central heat fixed Monday.  Guess what has to wait now?

Thank God Ken's mom lives right down the road so we can do laundry & showers and have water to drink, make coffee, brush teeth, flush etc.

Unfortunately when Ken finally got the stuff to fix the pipes that finally defrosted he jumped the gun and turned the water on too soon (before it was sealed tight) which he also did with the leaking gas in the car- repeatedly-  UMM yeah take his icky boy badge away til he gets it right!!!

So not only does it have to dry out before he can try again, it also overflowed one of the bathrooms.  Yeah, good times.  NOT!

Luckily he was able to take vacation days today and tomorrow to deal with it, otherwise y'all no matter how far away would be able to see the smoke coming out of my ears and the bolts out of my eyeballs.

YES, I'M PISSY.  So sue me.  I try not to be but dammit enough already.

Eventually I'll get back to real blogging.  Maybe.  Someday.  Or not.  At this point I just want all my stuff working right so we can get back to whatever semblance of normalcy we pretend to have around here.
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