Sustainable kids review and giveaway, help for Haiti

A bit before Christmas we received a wonderful package from Sustainable Kids to review, their clothing is available at solne (kids 5-12) or A Green Wardrobe / Greenedge Kids. As most of you know, our life went upside down so things kind of got away from us... I'm pretty sure I already typed a review, but my computer ate it  so here we go again!

~Sustainable Kids is not just another organic, eco-friendly company.  Their money, time, compassion and passion is definitely where their mouths are.  My first post had a lot of info on what they are doing around the globe and the Open Door Haiti School, but as you'll see when you read further, right now there are more urgent needs.~

The first thing I noticed, of course... the clothes are adorable!  Stylish and up to date but not so trendy they won't be wearable with your next child.  Most of it was for girls, so we gave it to my little cousin Ophelia. Her Mama oohed and squealed over it! Some of the pieces I -really- want in GeekyMommy sizes =)  They have changed it up for the approaching warmer months so they don't have the jacket I want to link you, but they do have some other adorable options, including a cutesie tunic and skirt.

*Here are a couple of samples of what is currently available.*

The second thing I notice is quality. I will not waste money on something my son will wear through in a day... trust me, if it isn't made well, he will rip it by looking at it. He is ROUGH on his clothing!  But this is sturdy, no loose seems, high quality and wonderful.

The third thing I noticed was some extra cardboard... another box. Upon further inspection, I saw this box was a wonderful, marvelous, postage-paid way to remove your excuse not to help people. This box is for you to donate anything that might be needed- toys, shoes, toiletries, anything- to those who need it. A wonderful philanthropic effort! I will be sending mine off soon, I'll let you know what I fill it with when I'm done (waiting on payday!)

On that note, perhaps it is a good thing I didn't post this before, because now I can add this. We have all heard about the tragedy in Haiti. Sustainable kids is already acting to do what they can, and instead of trying to paraphrase I will just copy what she sent Mom

To our friends who want to be able to help in this time of need.

RESCUE WORK- our partner organization will be assisting monetarily through established relief organizations in the area during the first week or two when things are critical from a medical standpoint. 100% of any funds donated go directly to relief and rescue work.
You can make any financial donation, even as small as $25 directly through our partner organization:  Open Door Haiti
Or you can send a check of any amount, to their address below.

SUPPLIES DONATIONS - the needs for basic items are vast, and only worsened in wake of this disaster.

You can send items directly to Open Door Haiti US for immediate disbursement to those in need.
Most needed: Shoes, First Aid supplies, Personal care items, Vitamins and Clothing.
Send directly to: Open Door Haiti/U.S. 5070 Orange Blvd. Sanford, FL. 32771
Thank you for your support in this time of crisis.
- Sustainable Kids

We urge you to spend a little time at the Open Door Haiti site and check out their efforts- this is not a band-aid slapped on but an ongoing long term plan for a hand up. 

On to the giveaway.  Sustainable Kids has generously offered to give an Our Loonyverse reader 2 outfits, 1 for a boy  and 1 for a girl.  One winner will receive both outfits in their choice of sizes, if you don't have a boy and girl yourself you can pass whatever you don't need along to a friend or relative, donate it or give it away on your own blog if you like.  The outfits sent will depend on what is available at the time but you will love love love them, of that I am certain. Maia is an absolute delight to work with and she will hook you up.

***From Dddiva-  I have never exchanged more positive, uplifting, joyful emails than I received from Maia- every time I saw one in my inbox my spirits soared, there is that much passion and energy radiating through an electronic message-  truly amazing, and we are honored to have been chosen to work with Sustainable Kids.***

THE GIVEAWAY:  One lucky reader will receive 2 (2 piece) outfits, one for a boy, one for a girl to be chosen based on availability at the conclusion of the giveaway.  Open to US Residents 18+ ends 2/2 at 11:59pm CST.
Main entry:  Head on over to solne &/or A Green Wardrobe or Greenedge Kids and tell me your fave item (doesn't have to be kids clothing, poke around and check out all the fab things they have to offer.  Easy peasy.
Want more?  The main entry is all you need for a chance to win, but you can find out how to get additional entries into our giveaways here.

BONUS ENTRIES:  for 3 extra entries, go to Open Door Haiti and tell us something you learned about what they are doing.

We received several articles of clothing so we could do this review and giveaway.  The opinions expressed are ours and were in no way swayed because we received samples.
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