GeekyMommy Vs. 2010: round 1

As most of you know, last year was hectic for everyone, and downright disastrous for some...
Namely, me.
I left my husband, have been stuck living with my mom (love ya pretty lady!) and just can't go more then one paycheck without a miniature disaster or worse. The end of the year was the real butt kicker; My ex had lied to me, and without getting into much details the result is he currently has custody of my boy. This... does not work for me. I've determined for this to be a year of changes, all for the better. Here are a few goals;

Get something published. Be it a book, lyrics, poetry, back of a serial box I don't care, something published.

Get a new job. I'm applying for one at a hospital as a nurses aid that would be a dream job, wish me luck.

Move out. This one goes with the job thing. If all goes really well, maybe I will even buy a slightly decrepit old house to fix up, which goes with my next, last, biggest goal;

Learn something new every day. Yep, one new thing, every day, 365 days. Though, it will probably be more like three or four one day, nada the next. But still, 365 skills.  I'm going to try to figure out how to connect two blog (moreso then just another link) or make it like a second page, and catalog my experience here for you all to read (without hijacking moms blog). I'm going to learn everything from making paper and changing oil to fire breathing and plumbing. If anyone has any ideas I will need a lot more to make it the whole year!

Right now my biggest challenge is laziness. I laze a lot. Excessively, even. It's much worse without my boy... I just sit around not knowing what to do with myself. I can't make myself get up and do what I have to do, I just mope. And moping simply does not suit me. Hopefully I can figure this out and get back to my busy self... any tips on that would be appreciated too.
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