Dentyne mega review & giveaway.

As previously mentioned, we're gum chewers here so were delighted to receive 3 of the new Dentyne containers - they are limited edition images by artist Anthony Yankovic - you can see his work here on his site.

First off-  the gum is not new, just the container, so it is a given the gum is as fab as always.

We have all given them a thumbs up, with a minor caveat.

The designs are bright, bold and colorful-  hip,trendy and totally now, the teens and early 20's especially find them awesome.

The size is wonderful-  perfect to fit in the cupholder of your vehicle and/or toss in your backpack/purse/diaper bag.

Since the lid can either be completely opened or just a small opening perfect for shaking out a piece or two of gum the container is very versatile.

The lid stays on tightly so when the littlest diva pops the container into her backpack she doesn't have to worry about it getting smooshed or icky as sometimes happens.  The large containers are especially good while she's in so many activities-  the musical and quizbowl are the current ones she's in several times a week and so she is assured of having plenty to share- each pack holds 60 pieces.  (And if you have been around them much you know with the play especially-  some of those she's up close and personal with-  minty fresh gum is a really good thing.)

For those into recycling (and who isn't these days?) one thing that came immediately to mind is they would be perfect if I were still in the northeast and doing a lot of driving where the quartereaters are out to get you.
If you don't know what I am talking about-  there are an awful lot of toll roads and you can zip on by them a lot quicker if you have exact change or tokens so you don't have to get in a long line, just toss the amount into a bucket and be on your merry way.  Not sure what they are really called everyone I know calls them quartereaters. ;-)

Where we ran into a problem is if you aren't very careful when opening (and we weren't with the first) you will rip the artwork and instead of just removing the safety part, we tore up the artwork.  Oops.  So, one of our containers has the artwork completely off, and a second, though we were careful, has a small tear that gets a little worse with wear-  it will last a while, but we can see it not lasting forever, especially if miss fidgety mindlessly picks at it as she occasionally has a tendency to do.

Overall we are impressed and will be buying them again-  and being the shallow divas that we are, if we aren't in the mood for a specific type of gum, (and since we buy in bulk, and often buy several varieties at a time) yes, we'll choose the pretty packaging.  It's what we do. ;-) 

From the site:Dentyne® is amust-have socializing essential that allows socially addicted consumersto practice safe breath for the confidence to make a close connectioninstantly.  Dentyne® premium badge edition bottles, a first in the U.S.gum category, come in twelve bold, badgy, limited edition designs forthree flavors—Peppermint, Spearmint and Arctic Chill™.  The bottles,designed by artist Anthony Yankovic, are especially appealing to youngadults who love socializing.  Anthony previously produced limitededition designs for trend and badge-driven categories like Apparel,Skateboard and Snowboards.

THE GIVEAWAY: 1 lucky reader will win 3 packs (one of each flavor) of Dentyne Gum in the new premium badge edition bottles.  Open to US residents 13+ ends 2/14 at 11:59pm CST.

Main entry: this one is easy- tell me what you think of the new bottles or where you think you would use them for socializing.

Want more?  The main entry is all you need for a chance to win, but you can find out how to get additional entries into our giveaways here.

We received 3 packs of gum from Dentyne as part of a mega review as a contributor for Pink Lemonade of Life so that we could do the review- the opinions expressed are ours and were in no way swayed because we received a sample.  You can read the other reviews here.
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